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The film kick-ass is set in the 1980s, and the main character is a young man named Dave (Jon Hamm). He’s a high school dropout who moves to a new city, where he meets his future roommate, Todd. He’s also a part-time comic book store worker. Though he thinks he’s screwed up his personal life, he’s not about to give up just yet.

After he’s released from prison, Kick-Ass gets the chance to fight crime as part of Justice Forever. His first mission is to take down a human trafficking ring. As his reputation grows, he meets Mindy and Dave, who want to give him a job. They go to his father’s house to watch the movie, and Dave tells him to get dressed up in his costume.

After the film ends, Kick-Ass tries to investigate a string of burglaries in the area. He tries to eavesdrop on a group of people. After the group gets to know him, he reveals the identity of the perpetrator: Tay Weez. They find out that he owes them money. They break into Tay Weez’s home and arrest him.

Dave tells him about Ralphie Genovese’s takeover of the family business. He’s not happy about it and agrees to meet Mindy at a safe house. The two of them go to the safe house and the two heroes begin to work together. As they approach the safe house, Kick-Ass lends a few dollars to a homeless man begging outside of the building. Ultimately, he defeats him, and he vows to stand up for his beliefs in justice.

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