Why Solar Heater Panels Are Gaining Popularity

Solar heating is a form of energy generation that is renewable, energy that cannot be depleted when used. Solar heaters collect energy from the sun rays and convert it into an energy form that can be stored and used at convenience.

This article seeks to address everything about solar heating and how it has been used to improve the energy consumption in Kenya. Solar heating is one of the most reliable forms of energy and this article will explain how.

For a long period of time, energy sources were majorly nonrenewable and with the high demand of energy especially with industrialization, it was important for alternative methods of energy to be explored. The solar heating method was one of these alternative options.

Below are the reasons why it might just be the best alternative yet:

The Source of it all

The most important thing about solar heating is that it works with the sun’s energy. The solar energy is tapped by a mechanism called solar panels which is a combination of photovoltaic cells that are arranged in a grid like pattern. They convert the solar energy into either electric or heat energy with no pollution produced.

As for wear and tear, solar panels wear out very slowly so you can be guaranteed of a long service period. It definitely helps that solar energy is always available which improves on reducing the reliance on the traditional sources of power.

Availability and compatibility of solar heating

Solar panels can be mounted on any surface which means that it is compatible with literally any individual looking for power. Considering that for a long while power was inaccessible to the people in rural areas in Kenya, solar power definitely changed the game for them.

Solar panels are usually paired with batteries that allow for the energy tapped to be stored for use at a later date. This mechanism works exactly like batteries and the user doesn’t have to charge the panels every day. They can also charge and keep in store for less sunny days.

The solar panels themselves are very portable and easy to carry around. This Is important as they can be installed on the roof or the side of buildings or even out in the open field. With maintenance, solar panels can last a lifetime.

Pocket price

The price of this amazing technology varies depending on the features available varying from pocket friendly prices to however much you can afford depending on what you want. Solar heater prices in Kenya range from as low as fifty thousand Kenyan shillings to about two hundred Kenyan shillings, all with different technology and capacity but all with amazing delivery abilities.

The more expensive solar heaters capture more energy over a short period of time and allow for more storage of the same as compared to the pocket friendly ones. The price of the various models is definitely worth it as they deliver energy quite efficiently without the hustle of installing numerous apparatus.

The caveat

The only disadvantage of solar heating is the initial high cost of purchasing the panels but the cost over time is far more affordable than other sources of power. Once you are able to purchase the panel and it is set up, the only other cost incurred is that of maintenance and that is close to negligible.


Solar energy is the game changer that we have been waiting for. It is more cost friendly and environmentally friendly. Considering the fact that Kenya is along the equator, this is a very reliable source of energy for us. The solar heater of your dreams solely depends on what you will use it for as they deliver quite impeccably.

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