Why Panama Is Known As Retirement Haven

“Retirement, a time to do what you want to do, when you want to do it, where you want to do it, and how you want to do it,”

This quote by Catherine Pulsifer, the author, explains the true essence of retirement- leisurely freedom. It is that phase of your life when you can do whatever you want and wherever you want to.

Retirement can be seen as the beginning of new life and a phase for yourself. It gives you the time to reflect upon the things you have done in your life and the things you want to do next to make yourself happy. People plan and save for their entire lives for their retirements but forget to decide two important questions. It can be a big decision to know what you want to do after retirement and where you want to settle.

Do you know there is a country in Central America known for various reasons, that might just be perfect for your post-retirement plans? Panama! There are many perks offered to retirees in Panama, which you can check out in this article.

1. Quality of Life

You crave a peaceful and easy life after retirement, which is offered by Panama. The quality of life is good with not much of expenses on frivolous things. You can have the experience of urban life with a touch of countryside at not much cost. Before moving to any country, you have to consider the cost of living and Panama has a cost of living that is affordable compared to its neighboring countries.

2. Easy Law and Regulations

There are many laws and programs for immigrants who want to settle in the country. The Retirement Visa program, and Emigration program, are a plus for you and your family if you decide to move here. There are many firmas de abogados en panamá to help you with the legalities and formalities of the paperwork. Panama’s government offers plenty of tax incentives and exemptions for retirees.

3. Tropical Country

Panama is a tropical country that has a lot to offer in terms of nature and biodiversity. It does not get too hot in the summers and too cold in the winters. The temperature remains bearable for people above the 60s. There is a lot for you to explore there if you are fond of adventure and nature’s beauty. The flora and fauna of the country will leave you smitten.

4. Connectivity To The USA

Panama is located in Central America and has good connectivity to major cities of the USA like Los Angeles, Washington DC, and others. Also, Panama accepts the US dollar currency which is like a cherry on the cake. 

5. Stable Government & Economy

The government has amazing policies, that have maintained stability in the country. Economic growth is up to par, which makes it a desirable country for retirees. 


To conclude, Panama should be on your list for your post-retirement settlement plans. Your retirement would be fun and relaxed in a country like this. 

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