Why Meat is Every Woman’s Superfood

There is a famous quote by Hippocrates – “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”. This quote emphasizes the importance of consuming the right kind of food to avoid or prevent several medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, etc.

However, selecting the best food items that are good for our bodies is always a challenge. For example, though red meat was often considered as an artery-clogging choice that causes several ailments, as per the new studies, red meat consumption is recommended to prevent and treat heart disease. Besides offering benefits to heart health, it’s an undeniable fact that consumption of pasture-raised meat in moderation is hugely beneficial and directly impacts a woman’s health, helping them have the energy to be superwomen in their day-to-day life.

Fresh, good-quality meat is highly rich in nutrients, making it a superfood. If you wish to order meat online, buy it from online stores like Quoodo to have access to the best quality ones.

Why Meat for Women?

There are the following nutrients that are essential for women but are found only in meat and not in vegetarian food.

  • Creatine which is known to help fat burning and maintenance of good bone mass in women, also helps generate and preserve muscle. They are found only in animal foods.
  • Carnosine serves as an anti-oxidant and offers a defence against many degenerative processes like aging.
  • DHA and EPA, which are the active forms of omega-3 in the human body, are also seen mainly in animal foods. Women, during their childbearing age, need more DHA while carrying their child to term during their pregnancy.

Besides, consumption of fresh meat also offers the following benefits:

Meat Protein Helps Battle:


Women tend to lose their muscle mass as they age. However, consumption of the right protein like that present in fresh meat enables better preservation of muscle.

Bone Loss

As women age, they suffer from bone loss as well. Eating protein-rich food can benefit our bone health, increase bone density in old age and reduce the risk of fractures.


Research conducted by the Deakin University in Australia says that consuming less than the suggested amount of red meat can lead to depression and anxiety in women. This means, having some fresh red meat as a part of your diet can help battle depression. Buy meat online from the Quoodo meat store and be ready to uplift your mood.

Iron Deficiency

During their reproductive years, women tend to have fluctuating levels of haemoglobin. This is often caused due to a diet lacking a sufficient quantity of iron and protein, leading to fatigue and low energy levels. If you are a woman suffering from iron deficiency, you can consider consuming fresh quality red meat to help improve haemoglobin levels and maintain them. And if you are living in the UAE, online meat shops like Quoodo offers the best quality, pasture-fed red meat, and you can order meat online in just a few clicks.

Dear ladies, consuming a sufficient amount of meat can help you meet your daily nutritional needs and increase your energy levels. If you wish to buy meat online, order it from Quoodo and be ready to enjoy the numerous health benefits it offers.

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