Why Latest Gold Jewellery Designs are Loved So Much in India?

India is a beautiful country rich in culture and famous for its traditional value. It has a history of artifacts which is famous across the world. India’s love for gold jewellery is not hidden from anyone. At the ancient time of kings and queens, all men and women loved to wear traditional gold jewellery of their times. These traditional gold jewellery designs were transferred from one generation to another. India has a vast culture and people love to follow traditions. Every culture has its traditional gold jewellery and they wear it on special occasions.

At the time of kings and queens, they used to dress with gold jewellery from head to toe. They used to wear different kinds of latest gold jewellery designs made by their famous and skilled jewelers who crafted exquisite creations for them. The jewellery was adorned with flower motifs and expensive gemstones.

Nowadays also nothing is changed. Men and women love to wear jewellery on daily basis. The expensive and heavy jewellery is worn on special occasions. Check out why gold jewellery is significant in Indian culture and heritage.

  1. Gold and diamond jewellery enhances the beauty of the woman when worn with complete attire. Every piece of jewellery has its significance. For example, a gold mangalsutra is worn only by married ladies. It is made with gold and black beads with a gold pendant set which varies from culture to culture. The black bead protects the bride from the evil eye and enriches the bond between husband and wife.
  2. It is a beautiful gift you can give to your dear ones. Many people especially parents love to present the latest gold ornament designs to their children on special occasions like birthdays, marriages, or anniversaries. During “kanyadan” (Hindu ritual of marriage) parents give gold jewellery to their daughter which is referred to as “streedhan”, translating to the wealth of a woman. During the engagement ceremony of the couple, they exchange gold rings and promise each other to be together forever. Also, when a girl enters her new house, her mother-in-law presents her with a traditional gold kada as her welcome gift.
  3. Indians are famous for investing their money in spite of spending it mindlessly. Gold prices are always high across the globe hence, buying a bar of gold or investing it in gold jewellery is the most preferable investing scheme of the Indians. It is an investment as gold jewellery is easily available at the stores and you can sell them whenever you want. It is important to get the bill for the jewellery you are buying as it helps when you want to sell it again. When you buy stone-studded jewellery, as for a split bill having the rates of both stones and gold because when you try to sell it, they will not include the stone price but calculate the overall weight of the ornament. So be careful, you are buying it from your very hard-earned money.

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