Why do you need wide format UV printing?

Nowadays large format printing is widely used in advertising. This is an effective way to create the necessary promotional products, both in Ukraine and abroad. The emergence of this technology of applying the image on various media had a major impact on the development of outdoor advertising.

As a carrier can be used:

  • Paper;
  • Fabric, both natural and artificial;
  • PVC film;
  • Plastic;
  • Silicate glass;
  • Canvases for banners;
  • Wooden surfaces, including DPS.

Thus, with ultraviolet printing you can create almost any advertising design. All that is needed is the right equipment and a developed layout.

The cost of UV printing is somewhat more expensive compared to some other methods of applying images. This is due to the fact that the consumables themselves due to their special properties are more expensive. In addition, the correct application of the technology requires the creation of special conditions, in particular – the installation of filters and ventilation systems of the premises so as not to harm the environment.

In addition to such printing, BSPROMO produces Roll up stands and portable Banderolas Publicitarias.

Advantages of the technology

The advantages of ultraviolet printing should include:

  • Durability of the obtained image;
  • Resistance to different negative influences – moisture, precipitation, high temperatures, sunlight, mechanical damage;
  • Printing speed – this is especially important when you want to issue a lot of printed materials in a short time;
  • Fast drying of UV inks, advertising products are almost immediately ready for use. In addition, there is no risk of ink curing on the print heads of printers;
  • No defects – due to the fact that the ink dries almost immediately, the risk of smearing on the surface of the media or getting dust and small debris that would spoil the entire impression of the advertising poster or banner is noticeably reduced;
  • The ink is odorless, so printed products made with UV printing can be installed indoors, in shopping malls, stores, etc.

However, this technology allows to produce not only advertising constructions, but also decorative objects, souvenirs, toys, various accessories. Thanks to the possibility of printing on glass it is possible to make beautiful glass structures for the bathroom or kitchen.

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