What To Do When Accused Of Embezzlement By Your Employer?

Being disliked by your employer is one thing, but being accused of a crime as serious as embezzlement is a whole different scenario. If your boss presses theft charges against you, it may come off as a shock. However, remember to keep calm and silent during this time. 

While false accusations can give birth to anger, shock, and disappointment, anything you say to your employer in your defense can be used against you. During such a time, it is essential to take advice from your criminal defense lawyer Knoxville, TN before proceeding. 

What to do when accused of embezzlement by your employer?

  • Ask questions and verify what you are being accused of. 

Set up a meeting with your employer and a representative from human resources to discuss the theft allegation in detail. Ask them exactly what they think happened and ask for clarification wherever needed. Do not forget to take notes during the conversation so that your attorney can review them later and use them to build your defense. 

  • Deny the allegations. 

Once they have explained the allegations to you, deny them all. Tell them that you have not committed any crime of such sort. If any misunderstandings or miscommunications may have led to the situation, clear it right away. If it is something more complex, you may need to run through emails, files, or other materials to prove your innocence. 

  • Hire an attorney. 

Being accused of embezzlement by your employer can do a lot of damage to your personal as well as professional life. When faced with such charges, you must hire an attorney to look into your case. An attorney can help prove your innocence and get you out of trouble quicker than you can do it alone. Many employees try to resolve the problem on their own by trying to “clear the air” with their employer, but it has only caused more trouble for them. 

  • Remain calm. 

Working loyally for a company or employer only to get accused of stealing can be emotionally difficult. It is normal to feel anger, stress, disappointment, and fear. However, being emotional would not make the situation any better. 

Try to compose yourself and speak polite words with your employer as much as possible. How you react to an accusation also plays a significant role in a legal case. Instead of emotionally reacting, work with your attorney to gather evidence and witnesses in your support. 

Maybe your employee is taking out their anger on you by putting false allegations or implicating you for their own misdeeds, or perhaps they are simply mistaken. Whichever reason there may be, it is vital to take the help of an attorney. 

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