What to do after a car accident in Jefferson City? Find here!

Let’s accept the harsh reality – You are never really prepared to deal with a car accident, but such accidents can happen to anyone. In the aftermath of the crash, you are expected to remain calm and take appropriate steps as the emergency demands. Missouri is a claimant-friendly state. The state laws make it possible for victims to claim compensation for their damages from the at-fault party, even when they are more at fault. This makes Missouri a “Pure Comparative Fault” state. In this post, check the steps to follow after the crash and how to find a reliable Jefferson City Mo car accident attorney.

  • Calm down and inform the police. Make sure that you move your vehicle away from the traffic, as long as it’s safe to do so. Next, inform the police. Missouri state laws make it mandatory to report an accident, and as a driver involved in the crash, you are responsible for that.
  • Call 911. If you have sustained injuries in the crash or someone else is injured, call 911 right away. Do not leave the scene, and if you are not trained, don’t try to move the injured. Keep in mind that any movement can cause more trauma.
  • Take photos. If you are physically okay, consider taking pictures of the accident scene. You have to do so at the earliest, immediately after the crash. Take pictures and videos of your injuries, damaged vehicles, and everything else that matters.
  • Exchange information. Avoid arguments with other drivers and passengers, but note down key details such as name, address, driving license number, and insurance info. If you decide to file a third-party claim later, you will need those details.

Finding the right lawyer

Missouri’s statute of limitations allows five years to file a civil lawsuit after a car accident, which may seem like a lot of time. However, if you don’t act right away, you may lose valuable information. Ensure that you hire a lawyer soon after the crash. You can check for car accident lawyers online or ask around for references. Only some attorneys have experience representing victims of car accidents at trial, which is an important factor to consider.

As for the cost of hiring an attorney, most injury lawyers in Jefferson City work on a contingency fee for car accident lawsuits. You only need to pay the lawyer if you win a settlement, and the fee is a fixed percentage of the compensation as discussed in advance.

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