What is the difference between a gift voucher and a gift certificate?

Gift cards and gift certificates are all the rage these days. They’re easy to use, convenient and a great way to give someone a present just for them—without having to guess what they want. If you’re wondering how they differ from each other, here’s what you need to know:

A gift card is a particular credit card containing a specific amount.

A gift voucher is a particular credit card containing a specific amount. You can use it to make purchases at the store where you buy them online. But unlike regular credit cards, you don’t need an outstanding balance on your gift card for it to work.

Suppose someone gives you a gift card to their favourite store or restaurant. In that case, they are essentially permitting you to spend their money on something they think you would enjoy—but they still get to control exactly how much cash is available in case there’s something more expensive than what they originally planned on spending.

A gift voucher is different from a gift certificate.

Though gift certificates and gift vouchers may seem to be the same thing, they are pretty different. The main difference between a gift certificate and a gift card is its functionality. A gift card can be used only at the store specified on it. On the other hand, a gift certificate does not have any restrictions on where you can use it (so long as there isn’t anything in writing to say otherwise).

Gift certificates are the same as gift cards and can be used for the same purpose.

Gift certificates and gift cards are the same things. They both give their “owners” the option to purchase a product or service without worrying about having cash on hand. The recipient can use them at any store that accepts them, and even if they don’t spend the entire amount, they can bring the remaining balance back for a refund or exchange it for another gift card from another store.

However, there are some differences between these two types:

  • Gift cards can only be used at specific retailers, while gift certificates are accepted by all retailers who accept them (in theory).
  • Gift certificates come in different shapes and sizes. In contrast, gift cards come in many forms, such as plastic “cards” or electronic code numbers printed on receipts/receipts attached directly onto packaging.

You can buy gift cards or gift certificates at most major stores.

You can buy gift cards or certificates at most significant stores, including banks and grocery stores. In-store. Online. It’s your choice! In addition to purchasing these items in-store, many retailers offer online purchasing options.


A gift card is a way to get a discount on a particular brand or store. You can buy gift cards at many retail outlets available for various stores, including grocery stores and banks. The value of the gift cards is printed on the back, along with any restrictions (for example, you might be limited in how much you can spend). When you purchase it from the store, you’ll usually pay more than its face value so that there’s room for profit when someone resells it later.

If you want to give someone money but don’t know what store they like to shop at, consider giving them cash instead of buying something specific. If you decide to give them something specific (such as clothes), consider getting them something small first so they can try out whatever item(s) caught your eye before committing themselves fully with their own money!

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