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What Hospitality TVs Are Best For Your Hotel?

If you’re considering getting new TVs for your hotel or B&B, then take a look at the following post. We’re going to be covering the different aspects you need to be looking for to find the right TV for your needs. Keep reading to find out more.


One of the most important aspects you need to consider is the cost of the options you have to choose from. You need to balance making sure they fit the criteria you have whilst also not going too far over your budget. Consider the number of TVs you’d need or how many rooms you need one to be fitted in. Whilst a TV might not seem too bad a price individually when you add it up to the amount you need you start to get more of an idea of the budget you would have to spend.


The TVs used in hospitality receive much higher usage than domestic versions so you need something that will have good durability as well as be highly reliable. Make sure to read through reviews from previous customers of products to help you find something that will be able to withstand a lot of use. This will help you to avoid having to pay out again sooner rather than later when the TVs begin to get wear and tear.

Suitability For Guests

When choosing hotel TVs, one of the things to consider is how suitable they will be for your guests and whether or not they would meet their needs. For example, what settings and options does the model you choose provide for your guest? Are there options to use streaming platforms as well as live channels? Do you want to invest in a smart TV or a more basic model? Although preferences can of course vary from guest to guest, ideally, it’s best to give them more options if possible.

Looks And Aesthetic Appeal

As well as practical elements, you need to factor in the look of the product you’re buying and how it will complement the room it will go in. If you’re modernising your hotel rooms, then you will need a slim and modern-looking TV to help fit with the aesthetic of the room. Slimmer TVs also help to make them less intrusive in the space of a room, as you’re unlikely to want it as a stand-out feature if you’ve invested in new interior design.

Warranties And Guarantees

A good factor to look for when purchasing new hospitality TVs is a warranty or guarantee to help you to save money in the long term. This will mean that even if you experience issues with the TVs you choose, you won’t have to spend money on repairs or replacements within a certain time period. Different companies will have different offers when it comes to the warranty or guarantees they will offer with your purchases. Take time to do your research and find somewhere that can offer you some security for a time period you feel happy with after your purchase.

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