What Are The Most Common Distractions For Drivers?

Every car driver has the responsibility to keep themselves, passengers, and other vehicles safe on the road. Thousands of Americans lose their lives every year due to car accidents, and still, many people think that they can easily drive while talking to someone on the phone. 

One of the leading causes of car accidents is distracted driving. Our world is growing smarter, and thus distraction increases, leading to more road accidents. If you have been involved in an accident with a distracted driver, contact a Rochester car accident attorney.

What are the most common distractions for drivers?

  • Using cell phone

Anyone using a cellphone while driving is dangerous. One-fourth of the total car accidents involve the use of cell phones. The driver puts themselves and other cars at risk while checking their phone. Unexpected and sudden calls, texts, checking emails, or searching for songs to play are some reasons why drivers check their phones in the vehicle. Even reaching for the phone kept on the next seat increases the risk of an accident by 9 times. 

The driver also breaks the law and may get penalized for it. Looking at the phone for 3 seconds while the car is moving at 60 km/h means the driver will not look at the road for 45 meters, which is very dangerous and illegal.

  • Distracted driving

If the driver is driving for a long time, they may get tired. Tiredness will contribute to body fatigue and the inability to focus on the road properly. The driver will feel restless if the body does not function, leading to a collision. It is advised to take frequent breaks while driving for a long distance.

  • Adjusting the car’s settings

It is another common reason for distracted driving. If the driver tries to change the radio, music, adjust the AC, or relocate the GPS, they remove their eyes from the road. It is advisable to check every setting of the car before driving.

  • Eating or drinking

The driver might enjoy snacks and drinks while driving, which may cause severe accidents. Opening snacks or beverages may lead to distractions and makes it challenging to focus on the road.

  • Moving objects or pets

Kids, pets, or other passengers can cause distraction and accidents. It is primarily for young drivers who get distracted if they have one or more passengers in their car. The driver should not get distracted by what is happening inside the car and focus on driving.

  • Daydreaming 

Daydreaming is another cause of Rochester accidents when the driver drives vehicles from the same route every day. After driving for a while, their driving becomes automatic, so they do not have to think twice about making turns or stops. In this way, if any unexpected object comes in front of them, they are not prepared to act quickly, causing casualties. 

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