Ways to Become a Nicer Person in Student Life

There are several things which are not in course books but are essential for students to know and to have knowledge about like parents teach everything to their child instead how to be nicer to others and to be good human beings. One can be a doctor, engineer, teacher, businessman but why can’t all these be nicer to others? To be nice to others takes courage to do those things which can bring goodness to character. Being nice to others is an important way to spread kindness and positivity. It is said that being nicer to others also brings strong mental health also. School managements are trying their best to induce such good things in the characters of the students these days. School managements are opting for some new and innovative tools on their process like best school management software and students’ attendance management system in order to get rid of management issues and to concentrate to bring new activities for students which can develop a nice character in them. School management software also designs some plans of actions which can generate some nice behaviour in kids so that their interest in learning can increase and students’ attendance management system can get good attendance. Sometimes in bad company students start to behave a little rude with their family and peers then how to make them nicer? It is not so tough to become nicer. Students have to just practice compassion, kindness and empathy in their daily life and it’s all needed to be nicer to others.

Students should start their day with an act of kindness like if they are passing through a temple while going to school and they see any poor or beggar in front of the temple then share some good and water with them so that they can have breakfast too. It is said that kindness affects the brain positively. It is a self-satisfactory habit which gives a sensation of happiness and a student can focus on studies the whole day happily. People have a common habit of criticizing others very easily and it’s a bitter truth that finding faults is very easy as compared to finding goodness in others. So in order to be nicer students need to stop over criticizing others, though being a good friend they can make their friends understand about their weakness and faults in order to mend them but this should not cross the limit and insult the others. Students can be nicer in many other ways too like being honest to themselves and to others because honesty is always respected in the society. That doesn’t mean one cannot say “no” to anyone, so be honest and accept good things and say no to those things which are not morally good at all.  Most important thing of being nicer is to not be nice to others only to oneself too. Like give a positive self-talk to yourself and appreciate your efforts to do good to others because a student should first respect himself/herself then only he or she will be able to earn respect from others. 

Life is magical when we welcome changes with open hands and for conservative people life is hell because they die in their nut shell without exploring the goodness of the world. So, as student life is full of surprises but one can achieve them only when one welcomes feelings, emotions, ideas and suggestions of others open handily and with open hearts. It is much easier to be nice when one is comfortable within the environment around him/her. Politeness is that aspect of one’s personality which keeps a person positive. Politeness keeps a student or an individual stay strong against anybody’s ill or rude behaviour. As a student, one can see the magic of polite words “please” and “thank you” as these two words get several works done without much effort. Other than these above explained things a student gets several chances to be nicer like being helpful to peers and others such as helping a friend in his/her homework or helping an old lady take groceries to her home from the store, helping helpless animals etc. A student should learn and practice forgiveness and gratitude always because forgiveness cleanses the conscious and feeling of gratitude gives unlimited happiness.

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