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Using Velocity Without query intermediate

If you’re an intermediate developer who prefers to work in JavaScript without the aid of query, you’ll be happy to know that Velocity also works when query is not present on the page. Accordingly, instead of chaining an animation call onto a query element object —as shown in the previous examples in this chapter—the targeted element(s) are passed directly into the animation call as the first argument

Velocity retains the same syntax as query’s $.animate () even when it’s used without query; the difference is that all arguments are shifted one position to the right to make room for passing in the targeted elements in the first position.

Velocity object is used to invoke animations instead of specific query element objects. When you’re using Velocity without query, you’re no longer animating query element objects, but rather raw Document Object Model (DOM) elements. Raw DOM elements can be retrieved using the following functions: supported across browsers.)

As with query’s element selector syntax, you simply pass query Selector All a CSS selector (the same selectors you use in your style sheets for targeting elements), and it will return all matched elements in the form of an array.

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