UPSC Prelims Strategy Post Admit Card Release

The yearly Civil Services Exam is held by the Union Public Service Commission to select candidates for various Group ‘A’ and Group ‘B’ services throughout India. UPSC also hires top-level officers for the 3 famous All India Services, namely the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Police Service (IPS), and Indian Forest Service (IFS), through this test.

Cracking the civil services exam is not an easy task; one needs consistent hard work as well as a fail-proof strategy. This article elaborates the strategy for the last days prior to the Prelims exam and post the release of the UPSC Admit Card.

What to Do after the Release of Prelims Admit Card?

  • Study what is needed: Only concentrate on the things you want to learn more about. Do not limit yourself to your preferred themes or topics. Now is the time to focus on your weak areas of study. Convince yourself of the same. On a regular basis, repeat and refine them. Keep the notes you created always handy. A study of the same is recommended because it aids in effective revision.
  • Analyse what to neglect: Never make the error of learning anything new for the first time. It is strongly discouraging. It’s too late to switch topics now. It can also damage the quality of your preparation and introduce bad energy. In the week leading up to the IAS Prelims, don’t study anything relating to current events.
  • Keep your physical and mental health intact: You can perform well in the exam if you are in excellent health. As a reason, this is the most critical thing that any IAS applicant should take care of. Exam anxiety will be at an all-time high. However, stay careful and avoid getting hurt at all costs. Also, avoid getting sick because it will severely demotivate you. As a consequence, you will begin to stress over whether or not to take the exam. Don’t give it a chance. Your focus and energy would be diverted by your health problems.
  • Keep a healthy mindset and attitude: It’s conceivable that you’ll lose your cool in the end. However, do not be concerned about the approaching UPSC Prelims test. Every day, spend at least 10 minutes meditating. Always have a calm demeanour and an optimistic mindset. Get rid of any negative ideas in your head. Even if you have done all possible to prepare, bad thoughts have the ability to drag you down.

Aspirants must note that an ideal strategy not only consists of studying for extended hours but also being able to judge what not to study. In order to develop that judgemental skills, one needs to analyse the upsc previous year question papers. Solving mock tests along with past ten year official question papers is highly recommended.

Candidates who have attempted the test in the past but failed to pass realise the importance of having a sound strategy in place, as well as focused and effective study time, in order to pass such a competitive exam.

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