Types of Pictures to Take After a Car Accident

Car accidents always come uninvited. No one is prepared for the accident, nor would you expect the accident beforehand. A car accident becomes extremely severe within no time. However, the other driver may often be negligent, causing you immense physical injury and other damages. In such cases, you can hold the negligent party accountable and get compensation from their insurance company by filing for a car accident claim with the assistance of Hillsville Auto Accident Lawyer

When filing for the claim, you need to prove that the other driver was negligent. As a part of the evidence, pictures and video footage play a crucial role. Therefore, preserving evidence is vital to make your claim stronger. 

Types of pictures to take after a car accident. 

  • Pictures of the accident scene. 

It is crucial to take pictures of the accident scene following the accident. Take photos from different angles of skid marks, traffic signals and signs nearby, weather conditions, roads, surrounding areas, and everything related to the accident. Also, ensure that pictures are clear with the date and time displayed clearly. 

  • Photos of vehicle damage. 

It is evident that there will be damages to the vehicle during the accident. Even if there is a minor scratch or dent on the car, make sure you have evidence in the form of pictures ready. Additionally, take photos of the damages to the other driver’s car, internal damages to your car, and more. If there are any deployed airbags, make sure you have pictures of the same. The pictures will serve as vital evidence to prove the accident’s severity and may provide a clue about how the accident took place. 

  • Pictures of your injuries. 

Any injury you sustained must be appropriately documented. If you do not keep your injuries documented, your compensation amount can be impacted. Ask your family or friends to take pictures of your injuries from different angles, including scars, stitches, bruises, and more. You will be transferred to the nearest hospital during a severe physical injury. After the treatment, take pictures of your injuries with the date and time stamp to prove your injuries occurred due to the accident. 

Final takeaway. 

Car accidents increase physical, financial, and mental stress for the victims. Therefore, to make sure the insurance company does not get any chance to deny or lower your compensation amount, having pictures to prove the other driver’s negligence will help you get a fair settlement. Moreover, always speak to a car accident lawyer to protect your legal rights. 

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