Types benefits and prices of water tanks in Kenya

Many citizens prefer water tanks in their home because of the shortage of water, poor supply and sometime piped water can be contaminated. Water tanks are very reliable, affordable and easy to install.

Water tanks are mainly made of plastic because its durable. In Kenya water tanks differ in shape, material and sizes. The shapes are mainly rectangular, cylindrical vertical and cylindrical horizontal. Rectangular tanks can hold up to 24000 litres while the cylindrical tanks hold up to 2500litres.The water tanks prices in Kenya depends on the capacity of the water carriage.

There are different types of brands that manufacture tanks. In Kenya we have Ken tank, roto tanks, top tanks, premier tanks, skyplast, JoJo tanks among others. Blackcoloured  water tanks are mostly preferred over other colours because they block sunlight exposure.

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Factors to consider when purchasing water tanks in Kenya

  • Water storage capacity; this depends on the number of people using water for their daily needs. A big household needs a bigger tank. Schools and institutions with lot students must also purchase tanks with large volumes.
  • Design;when choosing a water tank, the shape should also be considered, one should choose a tank that fits the space where it will be installed. Cylindrical tanks can fit in large areas while rectangular can even fit in a corner.
  • Material used;when purchasing a tank, one should choose plastic tanks that are free from toxins and chemical reactions. This is because the water stored in this tank are mainly for human consumption so they should be safe.
  • Colour;dark coloured tanks are the best; they prevent growth of algae this is because they do not allow sunlight to penetrate through the tanks. In the other hand light coloured plastics allows penetration thus growth of algae.
  • Durability;a water tanks should be able to withstand temperature and weather change thus it must be strong. It should also have a strong lead that prevents dust from contaminating the water.
  • Installation;the way a tank is installed affects its water supply. Tanks placed on the ground levels saves a lot of water than the ones placed overhead.

Theprices also vary with the distributors and their different brands. You can get the prices from the websites of the manufacturing companies. Suppliers offer installation so there’s no need to worry. When the water tank is maintained well it can last for up to 25 years.

Water stored in these tanks are beneficial to the users. They are not salty because its rain water. Rain water contains few mineral salts and pollutants. Tanks also reduce soil erosion since most of the rain water gets into the tanks, there is also less flooding. These tanks also help in the reduction of water bills depending on how much your roof can capture and the size of your tank.


As seen in this article the prices depend on the tank’s capacity, brand, size and material. So, when purchasing a tank in Kenya it all depends on your preferences of the factors listed. Rain water is good for human consumption. Get a tank save a life!

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