Trusses and framing of buildings walls in construction and Sheet structure

contractor or home builder รับสร้างบ้านราชบุรี Buildings are often familiar with trusses. The truss is a structure made up of parts. or many short and straight elements bolted together at the pivot joint. connected in a triangle forming one truss structure. and acts like a beam The truss body takes on the bending moment that occurs when the load is loaded. But the component parts are only subjected to the axial tensile or compression force of the part.

  • The upper and lower main parts of the truss are the main main parts that connect from the end to the ends of the truss.
  • Upright piece of truss. It is the connecting piece between the upper main and lower main parts to form a triangular truss.
  • The slots in the truss are triangular inside the upright parts of the truss.
  • The heel portion of the truss is placed on the support point.
  • The pivot part is the connection point between the truss upright piece and the main part. This is usually the point where an external weight or force can only be applied at the pivot point. Because the part is designed to carry the axial load only within the part itself, the center of the pivot and the center axis of the part should pass at the same point.
  • Zero load parts. Such parts do not have internal forces when carrying a load, as shown in the figure, so even without such parts, the truss does not go wrong.
  • The Verendeel frame is a rigid frame made up of short, straight pieces that are joined by strong joints between the top and main parts. The verendelle frame is not really a truss. because the truss really will be formed from the components together in the shape of a triangle Therefore, no components must be subjected to bending loads. It will only bear the axial force of the part. while the components of the Verendeel frame must also be subjected to bending loads.

Building บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน frame and wall

Each beam that rests on the ceiling on two columns is unable to withstand lateral forces. Unless the beam is fixed, so if the joint between the beam and the column can withstand the lateral load and cutting moment when. The elements of the beams, columns and joints instantly become rigid frames. External forces act on the frame. This creates axial, flexural and shear forces in the frame components. Because the rigid joint keeps the part from rotating, it creates a horizontal resistive force. Therefore, when a vertical force is applied on the rigid frame, the horizontal reaction force of the frame can be generated. The rigid frame is a type of structure. Indeterminate and rigid only in the horizontal of the frame only

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  • Fixed frame framing is a rigid frame that is fixed to a fixed support point. and can resist deflection in parts better than hinged frame
  • Hinged base frame is a rigid frame like a frame that stretches tightly. The difference is that it is attached to a hinged support point. This allows the frame to rotate around a support, for example when one of the supports collapses. or the expansion of the component parts when the temperature changes greatly.
  • Rigid frame with three hinges. A three-hinged frame is a rigid frame that is made up of two rigid frames connected by hinges. Although this type of frame has a high chance of deflection. But this type of truss is suitable for trusses with support subsidence and part expansion due to temperature changes. It is also a determinate structure that can be analyzed by static methods.Get learn more information cinemavilla

The loadbearing wall looks like there are several small columns. The plants are lined up to support the load from the top to the ground. Therefore, load-bearing walls are suitable for axial loads or axial loads distributed throughout the wall. But they are not suitable for lateral loads. Therefore, for stability, a transverse wall or floor should be attached to it.

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Any openings in the wall will compromise the strength of the structure, so lintel or arch lintels should be provided to support the load above the door or window. and effectively disperses the compression unit onto the side of the opening

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Sheet structure

The plate structure is Structural parts that are planar, rigid, flat, dense, and distribute the weight in many directions. In general, the weight is spread over the shortest and stiffest distances. An example of a sheet structure is a reinforced concrete floor.

  • Such planes are like many beams. sequentially by sticking together along the length of the beam As the external weight hits the plane, the force is distributed to the support in the form of virtual bending moments through each beam line. The shear force is transmitted between the beam’s line to the adjacent beam’s line. The virtual bending moment occurs in the line of a beam. That will result in a torque unit in the line of the crossbar of the other side. A unit of bending moment and shear force is formed in the line in that direction. And also add a torque unit to the line of the beam in the transverse direction as well.
  • Consideration of sheet structure parts based on the characteristics of loading and transferring of weight, there are 2 types, namely, one-way plate. and two-way plank when the structure is almost square Weight distribution is carried out in both directions, i.e. both longitudinal and short. which is a two-way plate while structures with one side are becoming more and more shorter than the other. until the maximum weight will be transferred to one short line which forms the structure to become a long rectangular plate that is one-way plane
  • Brochure structure. is assembled from a planar structure brought together to form an angle with a tight connection style which helps to hold it from buckling in the lateral direction, while the wall under the flap structure serves to support and hold the plane firmly, not deforming. Therefore, this type of structure is suitable for structures that require a very long span along the fold line.
  • A 3D truss is made up of many short and straight parts or elements held together in a triangular shape. A basic 3D truss has four triangles attached to each other due to the nature of the structure. Three-dimensional trusses are identical to that of sheet structures, therefore, in one space between the supporting columns, A group of three-dimensional scaffolds should be rectangular or similar in shape so that the forces are distributed equally across the two lines.You can visit this magazine247 to get more information. Or if you want to get all sorts of magazine news then it magazineupdate will be very helpful for you. This is magazineweb360 the another way to get latest news around the world.

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