Trading Volume Of Kucoin-An Informative Guide

With 18 million users, KuCoin achieves 1 trillion dollars in trading volume. They offer different ways of trading, including spot, future, fiat, and P2P. Future trading is quite popular worldwide and holds a maximum trading volume in various crypto exchanges. KuCoin also takes care of its user’s assets’ safety with a high-quality security layer. The KuCoin expert team always takes strict action against any irregular activity on their platform and eliminates the factor of fear. KuCoin is also considered the biggest Bitcoin exchange because of its large trading volume on its platform. In this article, we talk about the trading volume of KuCoin with an informative guide.

Trading Volume

This year KuCoin’s trading volume increased about one hundred and eightieth compared to last year and reached a pair of trillion USD. Quarterly the trading volume is eleven billion USD in spot and hits the most vary of twenty-three billion USD in future trading. In keeping with the region, Europe has the most growth of 381% on the KuCoin platform. Similarly, growth in America and Africa is 189%, whereas growth in the Middle East is up to 152%.

Number Of Traders

The new users become part of KuCoin on an oversized scale from Asia. The expansion share is concerning 659%. Whereas traders from the Middle East also show sensible interest in KuCoin, a growing share of 152% associated with last year.

Growth Of Employees

KuCoin solely had four hundred workers in the past. However, in the past, their workers increased. Conversely, KuCoin includes a strict policy regarding hiring workers. Therefore, they need a lot of productive staff than the other crypto platform. They’re continuously trying to find new talent, and you’ll be able to be astounded by hearing that they’re still trying to find three hundred employees in analysis and development, marketing, and business development.

Global Community Of Kucoin

Community is a gift on each platform to support one another. You’ll be able to conjointly notice a solution to many of your queries on the community platform. The folks change of integrity these communities facilitate and grow with one another. The community of KuCoin grew in no time and achieved a 1 million milestone. This community is additionally one of the most productive within the crypto world.

Customer Service

Customer support is the backbone of any platform. Therefore, KuCoin takes nice attention to that. They launched a bot in April to resolve user problems at intervals within a short timeframe. Also, tickets and online support attempt to resolve traders’ problems as quickly as possible.


The growth of KuCoin in the crypto industry attracts new traders towards it on a big scale. You can find a BTC, ETH, and XLM price on the KuCoin exchange with other important data. Many trading pairs are available, including BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, BNB/USDT, etc. KuCoin’s first and last priority is to satisfy its customers and provide them best service in the whole market. Due to this reason, you will find a lot of KuCoin competitors’ coins on their site.

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