Top Five Best Options After Class 10

Class 10 is a very crucial stage in every student’s life. From here, they have to decide where they want to go. Maybe some of you are clear about what you want in your life, but on the other hand, many of you are standing clueless at this stage of life and do not know what is next after class 10.

In this article, we will elaborate on all the options you have after class 10 and try to clear your confusion. Here we talk about career options after class 10, the benefits of choosing a particular career path, the professional courses you can opt for after class 10, and the last what entrance exams you should start preparing for.

How to Choose the Best Stream After Class 10?

  • Know Your Interest:

 It’s imperative to make a balance between your interests and dreams. Maybe you wish to become an engineer, but you do not like maths. One must choose a stream if they have an interest in it. If you love to read history and are fascinated about world order, and are comfortable with other art stream subjects, you should opt for Art.

  • Find Your Strengths:

After knowing your interest, you should match it with your strength and weaknesses. In our country, we do not want why most the students are inclined toward science, but when you ask them which is their favorite subject, they say Geography or Commerce.

Their scorecard shows the highest marks in Social Studies. Instead of choosing Science or Commerce, the Art stream will be the best for them.

  • Research about what is the future of a particular stream:

After knowing your interest and strength, research what you can do with a particular stream after class 12. Unlike in the 19s and 20s, people want to become engineers or doctors to get respect and earn a handsome salary. But this is the 21st century. If you cannot clear JEE mains mock test or NEET and get into IITs and NITs, it will be hard to get the same.

  • Meet with a counselor

Meeting with a counselor is vital for college kids who are unsure about choosing an appropriate career path after class 10. Students should attend career guidance seminars and talk to online and offline experts. These expert counselors have deep knowledge of various career options and students’ psychology to supply better guidance.

Top Five Best Career Options After Class 10

  • Science:

It is the most preferred stream for the parents in India, except they want to make you an IAS officer from your childhood. The Science stream provides a lot of career options after class 12th like medical, engineering, and research.

The notable advantage of this stream is that you can shift to any other stream after class 12, from science to commerce or science to arts. Physics, Chemistry, math, and Biology are the main subjects in this stream.

Career Options for Science Students

  • BTech/BE
  • MBBS: to become a doctor you have to clear the NEET mock test
  • BPharma (Bachelor of Pharmacy)
  • BSc (Bachelor of Science) with some specialization such as Computer Science, Nursing, Agriculture, etc.
  • Bachelor of Medical Lab Technology


Commerce is also one of the most popular streams after science. It is the foremost stream for students who want to study business in the future. It is often the most straightforward stream to twiddle with numbers, finances, and economics.

It offers many career opportunities like Banking, accountant (CA), MBA, underwriter, etc.

Career Options for Commerce Students:

  • Chartered Accountant
  • Business Management
  • Have the different opportunities in Banking Sector
  • Advertising and Sales Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Human Resource and Development


Unlike science and business, this branch is less common among students but offers a variety of career opportunities such as literature, journalism, public services, social welfare, and education.

You need to study 6 subjects in this branch: language and optional language. The remaining four cover a wide range of subjects, including history, geography, political science, literature, psychology, philosophy, and economics.

Career Opportunities for art students:

  • Media / Journalism
  • Literature
  • Teaching
  • Product Design
  • Video Creation and Editing


Polytechnics are generally diploma courses in engineering and can be completed in 2 to 3 years after class 10th. You can take Polytechnique as a gateway to get direct admission in the second year of a B.Tech or B.E. degree course. After Class10th, polytechnics work in both ways and benefit both types of students. Students who want to make money from working less time will find in-depth learning for students who wish to pursue engineering as a degree. And above all, college students are exposed not only to the private job but also to government jobs.

Here is a list of Polytechnique courses after Class 10th:

  • Civil Engineering 
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Computer Engineering
  • Instrumentation Engineering
  • Automobile Engineering

ITI or Vocational Courses

ITI or other Vocational courses are job-oriented training programs. Different states, ITIs colleges, technical institutes, and many private institutes all over India are offering vocational training programs. In spite of being job-oriented and skill enhancers, these courses are not much popular among Indian Students. Vocational courses focus on teaching students manual skills. Such training programs develop industry-specific or industry-specific skills for students. The main goal of such a program is to help students prepare for the industry and find a job with the skills they have acquired.


Class 10th is a crucial stage in every student’s life. So if you are a parent and are concerned about your child’s future, do not push him to do what you want him to be in the future. And if you are a student, you should consider all the parameters. The main criteria for selecting the right stream is that it should match your interest and strength. 

Hope this article has helped you in clearing your all doubts regarding what you to do after class 10! Thank You!

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