Things You Should Never Say At The Accident Site 

A person is not in their right headspace following a car accident. They may be under pain and trauma and not think straight. However, one thing you should absolutely take care of is what you say or do not say at the accident site. 

Your statements to the police, other parties, witnesses, or insurance companies can make or break your personal injury case. Therefore, you should choose your words carefully. A tucson auto accident attorney can prevent you from making mistakes that weaken your case. 

Things not to say at the accident site

  • “I am sorry.”

Apologizing and saying you are sorry for causing the mishap can take all your rights away from the compensation. Even if you believe that you are at fault, you should never say the words “I am sorry” in front of the other parties or their insurance company, as it is seen as an admission of guilt. You may feel tempted to ease the tension in the situation and act as the problem-solver, but what you will do is lose your chances of getting any compensation. 

  • “I am fine.”

As harmless as these words may seem, they can make you look like you do not have any injuries. You should not make any statements regarding your health unless you have had it tested by a medical professional. Even if you cannot visually see the injuries, there are chances of acquiring internal and psychological injuries from a car accident. 

  • “I accept”

Suppose the accident happened because of the negligence of another party, and they are ready to reimburse you for the damages. Now, they will offer a settlement amount to begin the claims process. You may be tempted to accept the first offer and end the hassles of the car accident once and for all. However, accepting an amount lower than what you need to recover your damages will put you at a financial risk. 

Suppose you were offered a lower amount, and you accepted it. Then, the money gets exhausted before it even covers all your damages. Now, you will be left with no money, nor will you be able to file a lawsuit for recovering more damages. 

  • “I think” or “I believe.”

Do not make statements based on your assumptions. When a witness says something based on assumptions, it is considered insignificant. However, any statement from any involved parties can be used for or against them in court and can affect the compensation. 

No one plans an accident. When people step out of their house, they do not look forward to a collision. Accidents happen suddenly, but it is essential to know what to say or do when they do. Do not blame yourself for the accident. Make sure you are medically fit, and let an attorney handle the case for you. 

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