Things You Should Know Before Getting A Rhinoplasty

“Accepting your nose is the first step to self-love.”

Someone said this quote so that we could all accept our nose the way it is and not look in the mirror and feel that something is wrong with our nose. However, that is not the case for everyone. Not everyone has an easy relationship with their nose. 

A nose job or rhinoplasty is getting a knife on your nose to give it the shape that you want. It is a cosmetic surgery to alter the nose to give your face a better look. But not everyone likes the look after the nose job. There are many things you need to consider before getting rhinoplasty done. Let us have a look.

1. Set your expectations right.

It is not right to expect a “perfect” nose from your surgeon. No doctor in the world can tell you the exact look on your face after the rhinoplasty. It depends on many factors like your bone shape, face structure, etc.

2. Consider healing time.

It is no simple surgery, you will have to take off from your work for about a week or two depending on the recovery time. You might find it difficult to breathe after surgery but you will be fine in a few hours.

3. Acceptance is the key.

You might not like how your nose is looking right after the surgery. There are some swelling and bruises post-surgery, that take time to heal. After a week or two, the swelling will lessen and you will get the correct picture.

4. It is no cheap surgery.

Money is a big factor before getting a nose job done. You need to think about cuanto cuesta una rinoplastia, how much it is going to cost, do you have enough finances, and many other things. It is different in every country and also, depends on the doctor and surgeons. 

5. Men can also get it.

Yes, you heard that right. Even men can get the nose job done if they are not satisfied with their nose. Today, men are also conscious about how they look. 

6. Consider other methods and revisions.

There are other non-surgical rhinoplasty methods, like dermal fillers which do not require any knife on your nose. You might not be satisfied after the final look, you can go for minor rhinoplasty again to get some revisions.

7. Go for the best doctor and surgeon.

You cannot risk altering your face or nose with a doctor or surgeon who does not have enough experience. Go for a surgeon who has a specialization in cosmetic surgery. Meet the doctor and clear all your doubts before using a knife on your face.


Getting a nose job done is not an easy decision. You need to consider all the factors before it. Also, winters are considered better for it because the healing time is faster during that weather. The only thing important is to be sure and be patient throughout the process. 

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