The Ultimate Guide to Buying Wood Shutters

Homeowners often struggle with how to decorate their home and give it true showroom quality. Perfect furniture and decor is a given, but what about windows? From frangible blinds to standard drapes, the options for curtains seem endless, but if you want to really impress guests and anyone who sees your home, wooden blinds are undoubtedly one of the best options.

If you are one of the many people who envy the owners of wooden shutters but neglect to buy any shutters for your home because you simply don’t know how and what to buy, you are not alone. Homeowners often struggle to find the ideal wood shutter style, so we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to buying wood shutters for you.

Types of Blinds

When considering buying wooden Shutters Blinds for your home, the first thing to understand is that there is more than one type of shutter to consider. Our designers painstakingly listen to homeowners’ wishes and come up with a variety of styles to suit almost any home and decor imaginable. It’s just a matter of choosing what’s right for your home, and luckily, there really isn’t a wrong answer, as wood shutters are beautiful in any form. To help you out, here’s a list of the different shutter styles and what you can expect from each.

  • Plantation Shutters – Often an homage to homes of the past, plantation shutters give a home a traditional look, but they’re not just for homes built many years ago. They are also capable of working seamlessly in modern homes. Plantation shutters fold on their own and can be cut to fit any window area, so they’re perfect for those areas where windows are oddly sized or where traditional window treatments don’t seem to fit. 
  • The folding action of these shutters allows homeowners to maximize or minimize the amount of light and privacy entering the home. Larger windows that provide little privacy can benefit from plantation shutters to maintain light and privacy at different times of the day. They also pair well with standard curtains and can change the look of a room with the seasons.
  • Attic Blinds – Don’t get the name wrong, attic or attic blinds are not just for attics and attics, but for longer windows. These shutters are available in a full-length style for optimal privacy, with the option to open up the space with light when necessary. Loft shutters Lofts are also an option for patio doors.
  • Cafe Shutters – Privacy is necessary for people to feel safe in their homes, but is often the natural light that homeowners crave. The cafe shutters offer both. These shutters are located on the lower level of the windows to provide a bit of privacy, as the name suggests in an old-fashioned cafe setting. The upper panels of the windows remain open to flood the room with natural light. Blinds in this form may seem to work with any room in the home, but are most often used in dining areas to give the space a classic old-world feel. Again, this is an option to pair with half curtains to add a pop of color to the cafe look.
  • Cascading Blinds – Cafe shutters are an option for those who want privacy on the lower level of their windows, but cascading shutters take that concept and provide the ultimate in privacy. They work independently of each other, enabling homeowners to open up one panel for a little light or open up an entire area for maximum light options. The two-stage design is the perfect solution for homeowners who are hesitant about which shutter style they prefer.
  • Greenhouse Blinds – Greenhouses or sunrooms are areas of the house that are often fully open, but some homeowners still want privacy in this space. Greenhouse shutters are usually special order items, but are available in a variety of sizes to fit all windows and skylights in the space. Some modern models can even be remotely controlled, so homeowners can open or close their shutters with the flick of a button, rather than having to open and close each panel individually. They are beautiful and bring a unique look to any greenhouse or sunroom space.

Color Notes

Chances are that the first thing a homeowner wants to talk about when buying wood shutters is color. This is an important aspect to consider because just because you like a color doesn’t mean it’s right for your space. There are many factors that need to be carefully considered before commissioning the final color.

First, are you a homeowner who likes to change your decor with the seasons, or are you a frequent furniture purchaser? This should be taken into account as some colors will clash with others. Since you can get any Wood Plantation Shutters style in almost any color, your home decor will heavily influence that decision. For those who keep the same color palette with little change, this decision should go well with your current decor. For those who change a lot, consider one color that works with many different options. Pastel colors and even white are a good choice as they maximize your design potential without compromising your home decor.

The third thing to consider is how long you plan to live in your home. Unlike curtains, wood shutters are made to be home-friendly, so you won’t be taking them with you if you change homes. 

Texture options

When thinking of wood shutters, people think of a wood grain texture with a nice paint of their choice, but that’s not the only option for shutters. Today, homeowners can also choose textures. Textures include smooth seamless finishes, matte, sandblasted and even faux leather. Textures should be used primarily for home decor. The unique texture of the blinds brings a more luxurious feel to work in the main room of the home or even in a small comfortable office space. The options are truly endless.

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