The Top 5 Ways to Increase Your Brand Awareness

Raising brand awareness is something that’s on the mind of every company out there.  From the importance of connecting with your customers where they are to the need to cinch more sales for growth, this is a problem that many companies aren’t sure how to approach.

Instead of hoping for virality, these are the top five ways to build awareness of your brand. 

Partner With Influencers

Partnering with influencers is the best way to ensure your target audience is reached.  To do this, start by finding an influencer whose brand matches your company.  Check how they interact with fans, ensure they’re not coming off of any intense drama or social issues, and make sure their audience matches the demographic of people you want to reach.  From here, contact them.  Explain what your product is, what your company is about, and why you’re reaching out to them specifically.

Be Consistent on Social Media

Post regularly and consistently.  Try to post on all social media at least once a day to keep interaction up and give yourself the chance to grow.  Although it might feel like an obvious task, many companies end up posting only once to twice a month and forfeit a ton of interaction and views that their products could be gleaning otherwise.  Try to keep a set tone for your company across all social media as well; this will build a recognizable brand personality that customers will look for.  

Create Content About Your Product

Don’t forget to make content about your product!  This can be through directly talking about the product in posts or by joking, posting memes, and connecting with those that have used your product.  If you’re going to make memes or social jokes, try to have someone on the team who’s up to date on everything online so that you don’t end up posting out-of-date content that will annoy viewers.

Do Occasional Giveaways

Giveaways are a great way to get as much bang for your buck as possible.  Even a giveaway raffling off something worth only ten to twenty dollars can be extremely effective at drawing in thousands of viewers who want a chance at a freebie.  This can be more cost-effective than some traditional forms of advertising.  

Use Modern Advertising

If you’re avoiding link-building services or other modern advertising choices, you’re making a mistake.  Modern advertising is the best way to connect with as many people as possible while also getting to constantly monitor how they’re interacting with it and if your advertising is working.  Over time you’ll be able to build a large customer base, which will allow an even larger advertising budget.  Don’t be afraid to delve into SEO and bring your customers to you.

Your Company’s Reach is Unlimited

Whether your company is freshly made or you’re celebrating your twenty-year anniversary of being open: you can increase how far it reaches.  From the way you advertise to how your product is perceived, any company can make a change regardless of how far in the game they are.  

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