The Spirit of a Thai Boxer

Once you come to know and understand your vision, try to visualize your objectives in detail. Become aware of what your life will look like after you have reached your main goal. Try to visualize what you have to do to bring your goal into reality. The better you are able to visualize your goal.

Extraordinary goals require courage. You must be prepared to and new ways of doing things and to change your habits. You can’t rely on others or hope that they will be on the same path. Only when you pursue your own path can you attain the success you desire as a Thai boxer. The elm Chock Dee is based on part of the life of the French hater Dada, who went to.

Thailand without much money and no knowledge as to what to expect; he eventually succeeded as a hater. At that time the gyms in Thailand did not have the experience nor the interest to train foreign haters, which means that his career must be considered special and was only achieved by a few athletes. Danny Bile and Ramon Dekker should also be mentioned, as they were prepared to compete unconditionally and without any restrictions against the best Thai fighters in their weight class.

To be able to reach your great goal in May Thai, you must concentrate completely on achievement. There are many distractions on the way; you must be aware of them and avoid them. As an example, it is absolutely indispensable for a hater to concentrate completely on preparation for a fight. It’s necessary to explain your plans to your family to gain their understanding, so that you don’t have to waste valuable energy in convict and negotiation.

Lastly comment

The Thai boxing superstar SANYO had the chance to return as a competitive hater after about a year away from competition. He concentrated completely on this opportunity, and his family supported him with their understanding; he succeeded in not losing a single fight in the subsequent four years.

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