The misconceptions of popular casino games

Perhaps due to the fact that there is typically money involved, it would seem that not everyone is convinced that casino games are the fairest type of game that can be played.

Despite the fact that players can head to an online casino such as Casino777 and be able to see that the operator has all the required licences and aspects required to ensure that they receive the most authentic, genuine and fair experiences possible, many will still claim that there are a number of faults with games and claim that they are “rigged” or “fixed”.

In fact, there are a number of misconceptions that would have to be considered rather common throughout the industry and should not be believed, although it is actually rather easy to feel convinced by them once they have been read over and over again.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest myths to exist and why they can be busted below:

Blackjack dealers pick who wins and loses

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games of all time, however that has not stopped a number of misconceptions being formed over the years, including one about how a dealer will decide who wins and who loses on each hand that is played.

In fact, it is impossible for a dealer to influence the result in any shape or form, with special card shuffling machines used to shuffle each deck, as well as the fact that players are not actually competing against the dealer, but they are competing against the house itself. All the dealer has to do is to follow the rules that are set, which is to provide a fair gaming experience.

Blackjack can only be won by counting cards

A number of Hollywood films have shown that counting cards when playing a game of blackjack can be a great way to win, however this may have had a negative impact on players all around the world as some believe it is the only way to win a game at the table.

Whilst it is not illegal, counting cards can certainly help a player to win, although a lot of the game will be down to skill and luck moreso than working out the mathematics behind what could potentially be drawn next. Additionally, counting cards is a hard skill to master and one that casinos will actually dislike.

Slot games are rigged

Are slot games rigged? Many seem to think they are, but there are a number of reasons that will prove that they are not and that the house/operator can not actually have an influence over what happens when they are played.

Firstly, the games are developed by a separate organisation compared to the operator, with each developer allowing for their games to be used on a variety of different sites across the world.

Secondly, one of the biggest ways in which this myth can be debunked and should never see the light of day again is due to the fact that Random Number Generator (RNGs) algorithms are used, which are then independently tested over a sustained period of time to ensure a level of fairness has been provided. The RNG can not be altered or impacted by anyone once it has been implemented into the game, either.

Poker rooms are for experienced players

When heading to a physical casino, it would be common to see a number of poker rooms being available to head into and play a round of Texas Hold’em or whatever the house allows being played within its establishment.

One misconception is that these rooms are only available to players who are experienced bettors, which is not true. In fact, anyone can go and play, although there may be certain rules that need to be adhered to whilst in them.

Etiquette rules do not exist

As mentioned before, Hollywood has certainly had an impact on the casino industry, with its take on games such as roulette and craps being known for being rather rowdy as hoards of people watch and celebrate when a big win comes in due to the emotions and drama each of the game types can provide.

However, it is important to note that there are a number of rules that need to be followed when playing these games in regards to etiquette, as if the house does not like what they see, they would be within their powers to remove an individual from the table and potentially the venue.

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