The Growth and Popularity of Netflix: Tata Play’s New Addition

OTT, which has quickly raised the popularity graph, has no intention of turning back. The OTT platforms witnessed more growth in the past two years than earlier because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Locked in our homes, it was one of the only things that kept us sane and entertained.

Over the past few years, many OTT platforms have popped up, but the one that has consistently maintained the topmost position is Netflix. The platform is in demand worldwide due to the vast range of quality content it offers its viewers.

Tata Play, formerly called Tata Sky, is known for providing unmatched DTH services in India; and has now included Netflix in its OTT services. Let’s take a look into both of these top brands in their respective fields of entertainment before we move on to hope their partnership will change the face of Indian television.

Tata Play: Why the Rebranding Is Worth Noticing?

The new brand identity of Tata Play is not just a name change but is a complete makeover of the company to a new-age entertainment platform. Content is all over the internet for people to consume, but the scarcity is of a standard, user-friendly platform that can bring together all of the entertainment worlds into a single place. Tata Play’s new role is to make entertainment easily accessible through its services.

The new brand icon has also been strategically crafted to reflect a sense of ease and convenience as well as growth and betterment. While the legacy of the Tata brand remains intact, it will hold on to its core values and, at the same time, shape the new brand to align with the quickly changing entertainment ecosystem. It will provide all the fun and frolic of ‘Play’ and the quality and warmth you would expect from a brand of Tata.

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Netflix: A Brief of the OTT Giant

Netflix, which is known as the largest OTT platform globally, started as a DVD-renting and selling company in 1997. As of now, it has a total of 222 million subscribers worldwide. Netflix has revamped the whole experience of entertainment in the past few years. The wide pool of content it offers on its platform is just overwhelming.

Binge-watching has turned into a trend, and Netflix should be credited for that. You can find multiple genres of content in the Netflix library, and each of them is spilling with films, TV shows, series, reality shows, documentaries and whatnot. The application’s user experience is also as simple as it can get.

Tata Play and Netflix: A Killer Combination

With the partnership with Netflix, Tata Play has taken a significant step towards the future of entertainment. Tata Play aims to create a holistic entertainment platform. So, with the addition of Netflix to its OTT services and at the same time providing full-fledged DTH services through its platform, Tata Play has created something apt to fulfill the current entertainment needs.

Netflix will now be available in Tata Play Netflix Combo packs which are newly-introduced bundled offerings with DTH channels and OTT content in a single subscription. So, you can now watch a gripping India vs Pakistan match and the evergreen F.R.I.E.N.D.S – all in one pack, on multiple devices.

Get Tata Play for Out of the Box Entertainment

Apart from the inclusion of Netflix, Tata Play has introduced a whole lot of other services that will make your entertainment life more Jingalala than ever. Get a new DTH connection of Tata Play now and see for yourself.

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