Stretching Program: Important Muscle Groups

This program can be used before and after Maui Thai technique training. The stretching is focused primarily on the muscle groups whose edibility is important for performing May Thai techniques. You can swap exercises for the same muscle group or add other exercises. For pre-and post-stretching, maintain the position for about ten seconds.

Stretching the hip and front thigh muscles: After taking a lunge step, your rear leg is resting on the floor. First, move your hip downward. Then yield slightly and pull your lower leg in the direction of your buttocks. Stretching the rear thigh muscles: Your legs are stretched and point straight in front. Move the upper part of your body forward. Stretching the inner thigh muscles: Sitting on the floor with your legs pulled in, the soles of your feet are pressed together. Let your knees sink to the sides. The pressure can be increased with your arms.

You are already training in stamina for Moya Thai with exercises speciɹc to the sport, such as shadowboxing, punching bag and pad training, clinching, and sparring. Additional sessions to improve your stamina are helpful if you have diɽculty in keeping up with the training intensity at your club, and also in preparation for guts. Separate stamina training sessions are also necessary to lose weight and to reduce body fat.

You can improve your stamina by adding separate jogging units or by adding twenty to forty minutes of jogging to a Moya Thai training session. Skipping rope and swimming are also good methods to improve stamina. It is important to determine the appropriate intensity for stamina training; the options are described below.

Training with basic stamina intensity is recommended for beginners. Martial arts training certainly includes stamina training, but it involves constantly changing intensity. It’s necessary to do additional training sessions with basic intensity for stamina and fitness. Good basic stamina lowers the heart rate in the short lulls between attacks.

Lastly comment

That means you are conserving energy and staying ɹt for longer periods. Good tones stamina helps you through intensive training sessions and competitions

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