Stretching before Technical Training

Each training sessions starts with a warm-up exercise. Follow with some stretching exercises with routines and methods, depending on your requirements. More than anything, stretching in the warm-up phase prepares you for athletic demands. You can briery stretch all the muscles groups or train in a short program for the muscle groups where you have mobility restrictions.

These could be the neck and shoulder muscles, for example, or the muscles in the lower back, the hip muscles, the inner and rear leg muscles, and the calf muscles. Stretching exercises can be done with a static or a dynamic method. You can also follow stretching exercises with dynamic swinging movements such as leg swings. Instead of swings you can perform Thai boxing techniques at low intensity in the air with ever-increasing pace and range of movement.

Prior to a competition it’s necessary to do a special warm-up specific to May Thai. For example, fighters have to perform a number of techniques in shadowboxing and on the pads to achieve the optimum performance level for competition.

Following the main part of the training session, you can do a number of exercises that will improve your agility. Start by stretching while your body is still warmed up. It is best to concentrate on one or two groups of muscles. How much you stretch depends on how much strain you experienced in your training. In a club, these exercises are frequently done with a partner.

Do the stretching exercises using the methods described here. Athletes have a wide variety of experiences with the electiveness of these exercises; test the methods and use the one that overs the best results for stretching while not overexerting your body.

As a matter of principle you should not hold a stretch position for very long because it will lead to poor blood circulation in the muscles, which means the metabolites produced in training will not be flushed as efficiently from the body.

Lastly comment

After very intensive main training, you should forgo stretching exercises to improve your performance. The reasons for this are that the body will tend to cramp, there is an increased risk of injury, and it will prolong the regeneration process.

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