Stretching as the Main Objective of Training

You can do separate training sessions to improve your agility. In stretch training you can develop a better feeling for the muscles, and you can get rid of muscle contractions that developed, for example, during one-sided training activities or after injuries. Some Muay Thai techniques require good edibility in certain muscle groups that you can work on in separate training exercises.

Again, you don’t have to assume any extreme stretch positions that exceed the agility required for Muay Thai techniques. Remember that too much agility increases your risk of injury. Start agility training with a moderate warm-up exercise of about ten minutes.

Only a warmed-up body can take on intensive stretch positions. You can help the warm-out process with some easy workout tips and the help of dumbbells. In the main part of the training, concentrate on edibility and stretch all muscle groups, specially targeting your weak points and those areas you are focusing on in training.

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Conclude the stretch training with a cool-down exercise at low intensity for about ɹve minutes. Plan about sixty to ninety minutes for a complete stretch training session, including the warm-up and cool-down phases.

In your agility training you can use all the stretching methods to reach your goals. Stretch your muscles intensively, and hold the stretch position for ten to sixty seconds. Avoid areas of pain in your training. You will see success in your agility training if you stretch intensively at least twice a week.

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This section provides an overview of stretching and loosening-up exercises that can be used in training. Test them out and choose those that feel best for your muscles.

In the rest stretching phase, carefully assume a position where you experience a minor stretch stimulus. Maintain the position for about twenty seconds and consciously relax your muscles. In pre-stretching and post-stretching, hold for a maximum of ten seconds. Once you have more experience with stretching,

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Lastly comment

You should stretch based on your own physical sensations rather than holding a stretch for a speciɹc length of time. Stretching tension should decrease somewhat after a short period of time. Even though you may not feel the tension, you should feel comfortable in the position and be able to relax

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