SSL Certificate: What It Is And Important Reasons You Need It For Your Website

When you open any website, you will find HTTPS in the URL of many websites. It means that the web page has an SSL certificate. What is it exactly? Why do websites need it? You must have thought about it many times. Let us read about the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate.

Introduction to SSL Certificate

In simple words, an SSL certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates an encrypted connection and identity of the website too. SSL is a security protocol that keeps the confidential data between web browsers and web servers secure and private. Once an SSL is enabled, you will witness the padlock sign next to the website address. It means that the website is secure to use.

You can watch out for many online websites from the retail sector, manufacturing sector, entertainment sector, or even casino websites like betFIRST that use the SSL certificate. A new version of SSL called TLS (Transport Layer Security) also secures confidential information.

Top Reasons You Need SSL Certificate for Your Website

SSL Certificate keeps the data safe and makes sure that your website is secured against cyber attacks. Moreover, this certificate prevents the attackers from creating a fake version of your website and conveys trust to the users. Let us now check out the top reasons to possess an SSL certificate.

  • Provide Authentication to the Website: The identification of your website is one of the important aspects of website security. There are many cases of cyber frauds and cyber security leaks, so websites authenticated by the SSL certificate must be used by the users. This certificate prevents any Phishing or fraudulent activities too.
  • Keep Customers’ Information Secure: The SSL Certificate allows safe and secure communication between the site’s customers and the website. If financial transactions are involved, it keeps the customers’ personal information safe. It helps the websites to obtain good Search Engine ranking.
  • Great for Website SEO: According to the Google Search Ranking algorithm, obtaining an SSL certificate is mandatory. If your website is on HTTPS, it significantly affects the search ranking. Your website receives a significant boost if encrypted, and SEO benefits can be obtained for various web pages.
  • Ensures Full Regulatory Compliance: The websites having the digital certificate are safe to use by the customers, as the user knows that they are conversating with the brand and not an imposter. The SSL Certification prevents any MITM (Man in the middle) attacks. It gives peace of mind to the users that the websites they are using are safe and secure to provide their personal and financial details. Web browsers are also becoming aware of security and data privacy and ban unsafe websites.

Wrapping Up

Nowadays, every type of website must have an SSL Certificate to safeguard their potential information and their customers. It will also boost their brand’s credibility. Therefore, there should be no compromise or excuse not to have this digital certificate.

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