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Keeping up with social media is an important aspect of nearly any business. Because so many potential and current customers use social media as a main resource to find information about brands and companies, keeping track of what’s happening through those channels is an essential business practice. A social media audit looks at the successes of a social media outlet to let a business know where they’re doing well and where they can make improvements. 

What is a social media audit?

The social media audit is designed to gauge the performance of a social media outlet. It’s a helpful tool when a business is attempting to make changes in their social media accounts. The social media audit can find weaknesses to help a brand make the changes needed to get better engagement from customers. The audit is an ideal way to ensure that a company’s social media stays up to date and understands current trends so the company knows when and how to make changes to stay ahead of the game.

Guidelines for completing an audit

Many companies choose to use an outside source to audit their social media platforms. This prevents bias and allows for an objective view, which can mean better results and a more accurate audit. If a company chooses to complete an audit without using an outside service, the following guidelines can be helpful. 

  • Evaluate all accounts to be sure they are current and on brand
  • Identify popular posts to understand what the audience wants
  • Track results over time and look at performance for each account
  • Consider which posts and accounts are making the most return on investment
  • Look for gaps that can be filled with more frequent or different types of posts
  • Consider eliminating or completely overhauling accounts that aren’t adding value

When and how to audit

The audit can be performed as frequently or infrequently as a company deems necessary. Some companies choose to do a regular audit on a regular schedule while others may choose to audit as needed. The most important thing to remember is to focus on the the following key points: 

  • Make sure all platforms are consistent and on brand
  • Check analytics closely and compare over all platforms
  • Find ways to better understand an audience
  • Know how the brand is attracting traffic to the site

Use a specialized service

Many brands or companies simply aren’t able to commit to a regular audit without outside help. That’s why NetBase Quid was created. They offer auditing and other services to help all types of companies better understand social media analytics. The information provided by such a service is valuable in deciding what changes need to be made to get more traffic and more engagement. Using NetBase Quid allows a brand to focus on their products or services while someone else does the grunt work associated with social media auditing. 

A social media audit can be a game changer. The audit helps brands understand where they’re doing well and where they need to make changes. Some companies choose to perform the audit themselves, while others outsource. The benefits of outsourcing include: more time to focus on the brand’s services or products, access to specialized knowledge on how social media works, an easier way to understand how to stay current on all social media platforms. Brands can audit regularly and use that information to improve traffic to all platforms, which in turn can greatly increase revenues over time. 

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