Regeneration and Appropriate Diet

Your performance will improve by stimulating your body with an increasing training regimen. After physical exertion, you need a rest in order to regenerate, so that your body can produce better results in the next training session. Rapid regeneration also requires sleep. A rule of thumb is that you should sleep an hour longer than you usually need when you’re not training.

In this book you will also learn about your diet as an athlete and how you can reduce your body fat (see section 7 in chapter 2). As a matter of principle it’s not necessary to worry too much about your diet as long as you adhere to the important dietary principles introduced in chapter 2. If you have decencies in your nutrition, you will be more prone to injury and will be unable to summon your best performance.

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In training, the greatest possible improvement in performance is achieved when you have chosen the optimum relationship between physical exertion and regeneration time. The amount of time it is sensible to train—and subsequently, how long you should rest between training sessions—depend on many factors, including the intensity of training, your progress in performance, how regenerative measures are taken, and nutrition.

Remember that in May Thai the body is trained in many areas, among them technical performance, strength, and stamina. Fighters must also consider reducing the amount of body fat or muscle mass to be able to enter competitions in their optimum weight class. As a leisure-time or amateur athlete, you should train twice or three times a week.

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Lastly comment

It is best to take a one-day break before the next session. It is also necessary to sleep an extra hour the night after a training session. Professional athletes have to improve their performance according to their individual training plans. If you train twice a day, it is suggested you take an extra break at midday, as is common in Thai camps. Other measures can accelerate regeneration, including massages and hot baths.

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