Reasons why we really need AI

There is a curious exploration of artificial intelligence. According to scientists, AI is about to intellectually chase the level of humans. By 2070 AI will reach the humans for almost 90%. There are a lot of pessimists who have many doubts, but despite them, we can be sure that it will happen soon. In my personal opinion, the formation of AI with human-level intelligence is inevitable.

Of course, AI has many advantages. We can see some impressive facts about how Ai is working for healthcare diagnostics, driverless cars development, and even online shopping recommendations right now. But without any doubt, AI will help to do much more in all fields, including business automation.

It’s time to look at the biggest advantages. 

AI creates the pattern of our reality. It makes connections between all the objects and places. And obviously, there are a lot of spheres of life where people have to study a lot and need to find answers to their questions, or similar research results. These spheres will get many benefits from AI development.

Medicine is one of the best examples. It is not a secret that the human body is one of the most complicated systems on the planet. Medical practitioners have to study for many years before they will become experts. But man can become an advanced scientist in one sphere, while artificial intelligence can collect data and analyze different aspects of the patient at once. In some cases, a certain GP just can’t help you, and he or she passes you to another specialist. Scientists hope that AI will become a breakthrough in preventive medicine. It will probably also help to slow down aging.

Our Planet itself and its climate is no less complicated system than the human body. Climate predictions are still inaccurate. There is an opinion that it is not so important, because Planet is already on the edge. I don’t want to believe that. AI is being developed very quickly, so it gives us real hope to find solutions to the climate change problem. E.G., brand new pure, and effective sources of energy.

One more important problem is searching for new materials. People need a space to supply energy. And surely we need something new instead of plastic, but it should be the same cheap and diversified. The very quick development of the driverless transport and space industry forces humanity to feel the need for new durable but light-weighted materials. And of course, we require materials that will be suitable for the human body. It will help to make a big step in artificial muscle creation.

While finding new materials people have to deal with one more newest challenge – humanoid robots. They are strongly connected to AI and will soon rid humans of their daily routine. But if you are afraid that people will become lazy and depressive, don’t be! AI will also become good psychologists and could help people with anxiety and other psychological issues.

Last, but not least, AI will help physicists to answer many vital questions.

So, above you can see the list of the biggest advantages of AI, but obviously, it will influence our life much stronger.

Is AI so perfect?

Of course, there is a fear that AI will kill humanity, destroy our Planet, or will control everything. Have you ever watched scary movies where people fight robots and more often lose? Pessimists consider that these movies will become our future reality with the development of AI.

Intelligence is a skill of our brain to reach its goals. But to reach the goal you have to set the goal. But, honestly, there is an insignificant chance that a machine will be able to set its own goal or that its main goal will be the destruction of humanity. Though, we hope that scientists will take care of proper security.

Unfortunately, there is a more believable possibility – that people will exploit AI to fight each other. So this is frightening – a confrontation between robots that are managed by ambitious people.

We tried to figure out the most important AI advantages and disadvantages. But the question is still here.

What are the reasons we need AI?

Planet Earth has a wonderful and unique ability to create life in very complicated forms. Despite the diversity of contradictory laws, life is a very special, but hard to predict, state of matter.

It is unknown trustworthy if there is life somewhere else in the Universe or maybe we are alone. While we are not sure, we have to be endlessly grateful to our mother nature for the most valuable thing – life. But it is also connected to the booming Mars colonization – it allows saving life even if the Earth disappears.

Although, even Mars may not be the solution. AI could become the source of human safety. And also it could recreate life somewhere else. That’s why AI is one of the Universes’ biggest hopes.

Still not the end.

Peoples’ consciousness is one of the most mysterious and most unexplored things on Earth. It is related to the brain, but it is as flexible, so it could change many times during the day.

It works both ways. However, there are some areas of the brain that are not connected to consciousness (e.g. cerebellum).

We are not sure if neurons have unique properties or the point is how information in our brains is stored. This knowledge would help scientists to make a breakthrough in AI development.

That type of research will also help us to expand our consciousness and find more unknown feelings and emotions.

One more exciting idea is what if after the creation of AI humanity could surpass the usual biological form of life?

In conclusion, AI could save us and expand life in the Universe. But it can also help people to understand their consciousness better.

And finally, as we have mentioned below, AI is a fast-growing industry. The most progressive corporations, middle-size companies, and individuals invest money in AI research. And entrepreneurs who are interested in the development of business can get really good perspectives by participating is the production of robotic component or mechanisms, like servomotors, robot manipulators, or program the  software solutions with integrated AI algorithms. Now these niches still have some place for new players, and those who act on time will get a good profit.

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