Pros and Cons of Online Gaming

Video games รวมเกมส์ออนไลน์, are one of the most popular pastimes for people all around the world. These are not only super fun to play in your free time but also have become a lifelong career for some. Furthermore, with worldwide tournaments and online games, a player can play and compete with players all around the globe. It is one of the fastest developing fields nowadays, with more and more games being launched. But the question is, are these beneficial or harmful?

Many players play online games on computers or game stations and through an internet connection with millions of other players. So overall, it may seem to be a good time pass. But today, we will be critically analyzing the pros and cons of online gaming.

Pros of online gaming

Online games are considered a great time pass for some, and here are a few benefits of online games.

  • Communication: One of the most significant benefits of online gaming is that players are playing with other players from all around the globe. This propels them to work on their communication skills and learn a lot of languages, slang, and cultures through mere online gaming.
  • Focus: Games can help increase focus as they are not something one can play without concentration. Kids with ADHD learn to focus for a reasonable amount of time just by playing online games.
  • Strategic skills: There are many online games available, and most of them have some logic behind them. That is why along with other skills, players also learn how to plan and make strategies.
  • Fun time: Online games can be a great way to spend your leisure time doing something fun.
  • Prizes and rewards: Many online games have bonuses and rewards, some real and some merely virtual. Nonetheless, any compensation inculcates a sense of achievement in the player, which is very good for mental health.

Cons of online gaming

A coin always has two sides, and that’s why in addition to the advantages of online gaming, there are potential cons too. Here are some of them:-

  • Costly: Although most online games are free, certain popular ones require payments. That is why it can become an expensive option.
  • Security risks: While playing online, there can always be security risks and your data may get hacked.
  • Bullying: Online, there is always a chance of getting cyberbullied, which can be pretty traumatic.
  • Can become addicting: These online games can be pretty addicting, which can be a severe issue. 
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