Novel Chocolate Burnout: Five Ways How Authors Establish International Credibility in their Writing

A writer develops credibility by displaying writing ability (grammar, syntax, spelling, and vocabulary) and applying this foundational skill set in honest and open work. If the writer is writing in a specific topic area, he or she will gain credibility by demonstrating experience in the sector. The writer’s reputation will be enhanced by a track record of many writing in the field of work. The writer who can write lean, supple prose that pleases the reader will get even more credibility. Credible authors gain international success. Once a plot or a story is understood it can be carried out universally. Here are five ways authors establish credibility with their writing.

Strong Themes and Settings

The plot, characters, and setting all work together to induce a specific mental state in the reader. The story frequently, but not always, gets the reader to a low point. When the author abruptly changes the course of the story near the end, it generates an effect, and that impact is what makes the topic unforgettable.

Persuasive Style

A writing style is a technique of communicating with words distinctive to the author. An author’s style is defined by the voice, personality, and general tone in their writing. Depending on the sort of writing, whom they are writing for, a writer’s style might shift. The manner a writer writes may be characterized as his or her writing style. It is a literary approach that each author employs in their work. It differs from one author to the next and is determined by its syntax, word choice, and tone. It is often referred to as a “voice” that readers hear when they read a writer’s work.

Organizing Text Structure

The author’s approach to text organization. Cause/Effect: Causes are what occurs as a consequence of an action or event, while effects are what occurs as a result of the action or event. They compare and contrast people, settings, or ideas in literary works to demonstrate similarities and differences.

Strong Ethos

A call to ethos is a call to trustworthiness. When writers employ their expertise on a topic or mention an expert on the issue, they deploy ethos. The author may mention work qualifications, degrees, and other credentials. By providing evidence from another author who is an authority on the subject, the writer might “borrow” credibility.

Using Personal Experience and Story

Writers use personal experiences because they are intimately familiar with them, having lived through them. Many authors have endured catastrophic, and we mean dreadful, situations. As a result, their writings have turned into fictitious accounts of their lives. Some authors have formed their lives with dreadful experiences and succeeded in channeling their zeal into their job. Many legendary authors like H.P. Lovecraft, Stephen King, Danielle Steel, and Terry McMillan are on this list. Life experiences progressively influence these authors’ maturity, substance, and style, becoming a vital element of the writing process.

On the path of these writers, Emunah La Paz is adding her experience in her novels. She is a novelist from the United States. Following her encounter with racism, La Paz tried to eradicate racial hatred and became an integral element of research into self-loathing and insecurity among men and women of all origins. She started her career with Hubbard Smalls Publications LLC; a grooming for authors. Hubbard Small Press Publications LLC is affiliated with the Frankfurt Book Fair. Her first book, Chocolate Burnout, embraces the multi-cultural heritage and is recognized in the Mavin foundation database of books by authors who touch on interracial relationships. Chocolate Burnout is now being sold in Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, and Germany.  In 2011, La-Paz published the book, Why Do Married Men Cheat with Unattractive Women? A story based on actual life events about a beautiful supermodel becomes baffled when her husband leaves her for a so-called “unattractive woman.” Based on the original blog, the book follows a woman as she tries to move on after her bitter and very public break-up.


Authors must create credibility through their work. As a result, their readers will learn to believe what they have to say and pay attention to the point they want to convey. It helps people create trustworthiness, making their content more powerful and successful.

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