Make-A-Wish: a special organization

Can you imagine that there are children who are very seriously ill? These children don’t have the ordinary flu or cold but are so sick that they have to go to a hospital to see the doctor for help.

Sometimes they lie in a hospital bed for weeks to months. The lives of these children then consist largely of treatments and medications. That is very drastic. For the child itself, but also the family and the friends of the child.

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When a child is serious, sometimes life-threateningly ill, Make-A-Wish can ensure that the child receives an unforgettable wish fulfillment. We call this the Wish Journey. A Wish Journey gives a child with a serious illness back confidence and a positive boost for the future.

About Make-A-Wish.

How did it all start?

In 1980, in Phoenix, Arizona (America), there lived a little boy: Chris. He was 7 years old and seriously ill. Chris had one big wish: He desperately wanted to become a police officer. Because of his illness, he did not know if he would ever succeed. Two policemen in Phoenix heard about his wish and took immediate action!

They had a small uniform made and arranged for a motorcycle to fit Chris. Then they took the little guy out for the day. The little cop wrote out fines to all the pedestrians he encountered! Chris enjoyed himself and forgot that he was sick.

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The joy of this little boy, despite his illness, was the impetus to establish the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Make-A-Wish started with a headquarters in Phoenix, Now Make-A-Wish exists internationally in 40 countries and 6 continents.

Wish Children

A wish child is a child with a serious, sometimes even life-threatening illness. These children often cannot go to school, play outside or play sports because they don’t feel well or are too tired. They then see their friends very little. Instead, these children spend weeks or sometimes months in the hospital. They then have examinations, check-ups, or receive medication. Children who receive wish fulfillment are called wish children.

When is a child eligible for a wish-fulfillment?

  • When a child is seriously ill.
  • When a child is between 3 and 18 years old
  • If the child did not have a wish fulfilled by Make-A-Wish before

Who can apply for a child?

Anyone can register a child! Often children are signed up by a nurse from the hospital, by their parents, neighbors, friends, or grandparents.

Wish fulfillment

A wish-fulfillment is the fulfillment of the dearest wish. The imagination of the child determines what the wish looks like. Each child has a different wish. You can think of children who would like to be a princess, ride in a fire engine, meet their favorite idol, or go to Disneyland Paris.

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To find out what the dearest wish of a child is, someone from Make-A-Wish will visit the child.

When we visit a wishing child at home, we can get acquainted. Not only with the child but also with his or her parents, brothers or sisters. They are always allowed to come along during the wish-fulfillment. The wish-granter will playfully help the child to find out what his or her favorite wish is.

During the conversation, the wish granter will ask for everything we want to know to fulfill the wish. When the wish-granter has received all the information, one of the Make-A-Wish wish-granters will start to fulfill the wish.All this is part of the leadership of Make-A-Wish.

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