Know More About Your Car

“The cars we drive say a lot about us.”

This statement by the American actress, Alexandra Paul explains how our car can be a reflection of our personality, and the condition of the car explains a lot more about us than the car itself. 

Automobile enthusiasts know every smallest detail of cars and other automobiles. But everyone should know some basic details of the vehicle they are driving every day of their lives. Every car owner should have a basic knowledge and understanding of how their car works. 

A car is a complex mechanical structure that is made from different components. Having a little understanding of how these components work can make you aware of what is happening in your car. You can easily spot the faults and take your vehicle for maintenance. 

Here are some important parts that are present in every car and you should know about them.

1. Battery

A battery is one of the most important parts that provides power to the car. It feeds that starter in form of electricity which makes the engine of the car roar. Batteries are generally rechargeable, but after some time they may wear out if you do not take care of them. 

2. Engine

An engine is the heart and soul of any machinery. It is made from different components that ensure the smooth functioning of the vehicle. It converts the heat from the burning gas to generate torque that turns the wheels. It can withstand heavy workloads and is the most powerful part of any car.

3. Fuel Injector

A fuel injector is a small yet important part of any car, that provides fuel to the engine in the form of burning gas. A faulty inyectores ford can lead to engine misfiring, which will not start your car. 

4. Gear Box

A gearbox is nothing but a set of gears and gear trains, which control the torque to change the gears and provide power to the wheels. 

5. Steering Wheel

The wheel in front of the driving seat is the steering wheel. It is an important part of the vehicle, that is used to control it.

6. Brakes

Without brakes, a vehicle would be very much similar to an uncontrolled hazard. Brakes are used to control the speed of the vehicle. To stop the car, you need to use the brakes. These are found on all four wheels and play a crucial part in the safety systems of the car.

7. Radiator

The main function of a radiator in any vehicle is to remove the excess heat from the vehicle. It keeps the engine cool using a liquid called coolant. 


These are a few of the important parts of any vehicle, but there are many others like axles, suspension, fuel tank, etc. Every part plays a significant role in the smooth functioning of the car. If you find anything fishy in any of the components, you should get it checked and serviced, because you trust your life in a vehicle. 

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