Keep an eye on CBD and Hemp, a new economic crop of Thailand

Since the end of last year, We may have seen many new products with hemp ingredients introduced into the market. Both consumer products create new excitement for the market, such as food and beverages—fragrance products or skincare products, etc.

Because the government has unlocked marijuana and hemp from being drugs, causing widespread attention to both consumers and producers. Still, in terms of investment, It may be considered that Can hemp becomes a new economic crop of Thailand in the long term? There are both opportunities and obstacles that must be considered as follows.

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– The rules are more lenient than marijuana. Hemp likely has more potential as a cash crop than cannabis. Since cannabis contains THC, it must be produced primarily for medicinal purposes. But hemp containing CBD kaufen is more susceptible to control. It can be used as an ingredient in a variety of products, but both must be under the supervision of the government.

– is in demand in the market Demand for CBD extracts and hemp seed oil To be used in industries with high added value, such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and beverages, food supplements, animal feeds, as well as fibers as raw materials for innovative products such as auto parts. Bioplastics, etc. that tend to grow both in the country and the world market. It is estimated that The global hemp market in 2020 is estimated to be USD 4,748 million. And will accelerate to US$18.608 million in 2027 or an average growth of 22.4% per year.

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– Difficult to grow. The success of hemp cultivation still requires knowledge of the correct planting. Housing investment Includes proper production management. Therefore, it is not easy and may require trial and error at the beginning. As a result, investors need to study and can support the payback that may take several years.

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– Long payback period Currently, the income from hemp flowers from the open system. The yield of dried hemp inflorescences is about 20-40 kg per rai. Maybe around 0.2-1.0 million baht per rai. The reason why the purchase price is high is that the production is still limited. At the same time, the cost of planting is expected to require an initial investment of 0.3-1.5 million baht per rai. This may require a payback period of about 4-5 years to plant hemp fibers, although the purchase price is lower than inflorescences. But the yield will be greater, resulting in income, costs, and payback periods. not much different;

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However, in the future, when more investors grow, hemp Supply tends to increase. That could be an essential factor driving hemp prices to fall, especially if the government allows importing raw materials or hemp extracts from abroad. It will affect the income of investors growing hemp.

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Therefore, those interested in investing in CBD kaufen cultivation Must take into account various issues carefully, which I consider planning to be able to pay back in a short time. And the development of quality products and competitive prices both in the country and the world market. It will be the key to supporting sustainable net income generation.

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Kasikorn Research Center recommends hemp cultivation, expected to earn 1 million baht per rai.

News reports from the Kasikorn Research Center indicate that since December 15, 2020, the government has unlocked marijuana and hemp from being drugs in many parts. (except inflorescences and cannabis seeds) has ignited a broad spectrum of interest for both consumers and producers. This brings up the question of whether CBD kaufen and hemp can be new cash crops. What conditions must be taken into account? For More Information Visit This Site: thefrisky

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