Is Now a Good Time to Invest in Cryptocurrency?

Have you ever heard of cryptocurrency? It is a virtual currency that has a good chance of completely revolutionizing the world of finance and the economy of tomorrow. But is now a good time to invest in cryptocurrency? is going to answer this question; we will see what are the conditions and circumstances that can favor this type of investment. We will then see what you need to know to make a successful investment in cryptocurrency. Visit here best forex crm systems and you get to best information.

A refuge in times of crisis

The coronavirus has caused considerable health and economic crisis. And the price of cryptocurrencies has not been spared, since the containment in early 2020, a massive drop in the price has been observed. However, cryptocurrency values ​​have caught up considerably at the end of the year. The latter thus successfully overcame this global crisis and finally established itself as a safe haven.

Evidence of this is that Bitcoin set a new record for over $40,000 in early 2021. This significant increase has made it possible to solidify our position as a Cryptocurrency leader, especially in terms of market capitalization. Keep in mind, however, that the impact of global economic conditions on Bitcoin prices is only partial. Indeed, the latter rather follows the momentum. Other cryptocurrencies rely on the price of Bitcoin, the leader in cryptocurrencies. However, keep in mind that this last trend is less and less, as we know that cryptocurrency challengers have achieved remarkable breakthroughs, regardless of Bitcoin. Examples are lite coin and tethers.

How to invest in cryptocurrencies?

Investing in cryptocurrencies is a dangerous transaction. Even if you invest in assets like Bitcoin or Ethereum, the risk of losing your stock is still there. Therefore, we need to be prepared for this contingency. Before investing in cryptocurrencies, take the time to learn more about how cryptocurrency financial markets work, the various currencies available in the market, and related decentralized applications.

Don’t hesitate to join an online community (such as Slack or Reddit) so you can talk to other experienced investors. This is an opportunity to learn about the various strengths and weaknesses of investing in cryptocurrencies. For this type of financial investment, specialists typically use two different strategies: storage and trading strategies.

Conservation strategy

This strategy consists of buying cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin) and storing them in a crypto vault. However, we do not recommend storing active ciphers in accounts created on the platform. Cryptocurrencies are more secure when stored in a “hardware wallet”. Investors, of course, need to choose when to sell some or all of their assets in order to make a profit. To do this, it’s a good idea to set goals in advance, for example, wait for the active cipher to reach a certain amount before reselling.


Those who are accustomed to the functioning of the stock exchange will soon find a connection with this strategy. The latter consists of buying and selling crypto assets on a regular basis to profit from them. However, to achieve this goal, investors need to have complete knowledge of the financial system and markets. The general principle is the same as for stock exchanges. Buy an asset when it is down and resell it when it is up. Investors choose a trading strategy using several tools to keep up with changes in the cryptographic value of market assets.

The tools in question are real-time charts and data, news monitoring, and the essence of cryptocurrencies. Graphics and data are displayed on several websites in real-time. Then, monitoring the news is necessary since various events can have an impact on the value of a virtual currency. Regarding the nature of cryptocurrency, it can be rare, technologically advanced, more secure, etc.

Where to buy cryptocurrency?

Before buying Bitcoin, STRUE or any other virtual currency, it is essential to exercise caution, because scams are very numerous in this sector. It is therefore strongly recommended to make your purchases on official and recognized platforms, such as on example.

Classic solutions

To buy cryptocurrency, there are several solutions to adopt.

The first is to make your purchases on specialized marketplaces: these are interfaces on which buyers and sellers are put in touch. These interfaces then take a commission on the transactions concluded. This kind of platform is rather dedicated to already experienced investors.

The second possible solution is a peer. It simply consists of buying Bitcoins from an individual. This is made possible by blockchain technology allowing the exchange of cryptocurrency without a third-party supervisor. The last solution is to go through transaction facilitators. The latter are interlocutors of peers. They offer support and advice to users and at the same time offer the sale of cryptocurrency on a platform.

Other alternatives

Besides the solutions mentioned above, there are also other methods to get cryptocurrencies. For example, you can sell a service or a good and require payment in cryptocurrency (the one of your choice). It is also possible to convert conventional currencies such as the dollar, the euro, etc. into encrypted currency.

To do this, there are several platforms that allow you to convert currencies into Bitcoins or other virtual currencies. We can cite among others Coin base, Kraken, Bitslamp, or Circle. It is mandatory to register on the platform to convert currencies into cryptocurrency. For further information visit our recommended site which is mentioned in this article. Indeed you will offer others too for visiting the site.

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