Is an RBI Assistant better than an ESIC UDC?

When it comes to job openings both RBI Assistant and ESIC UDC are among the most coveted opportunities. Hence, it is natural that aspirants will wish to know which is a better career option. So, today we will be taking a closer look at the two options and find out how each one tally against each other.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) conducts the RBI Assistant exam to hire candidates for that position while the ESIC UDC selection exam is for the post of Upper Division Clerk. Besides being extremely respected and reputable job profiles, both the posts come with a host of benefits and perks and a handsome salary. And thus, the competition is quite high with only a selected few cracking it every year. In this article we will check out the salary, profile of the jobs, and overall growth option in both careers.

RBI Assistant Salary

  • Candidates who successfully get selected for the post of RBI Assistants start at a monthly pay of Rs.36,091. This is inclusive of the basic pay and other perks and allowances. The annual package comes at Rs.3,80,000.
  • The basic pay for the post is Rs.13,150 with two advance increments available for the graduates. All employee in this post receive salary under the pay scale of Rs. 13150 – 750(3) – 19000 – 1200(6) – 15400 – 900(4) – 28800 –1480(3) – 26200 – 1300(2) – 33240 – 1750(1) – 34990 (20 years)

RBI Assistant Allowances

If the handsome pay package was not all, the post of RBI Assistant also entitles an employee to numerous other benefits, allowances and perks. Once selected the candidate will also receive dearness allowance (DA), house rent allowance (HRA), travel allowance (TA), compensatory city allowance, and much more. These allowances are decided as per the Government Pay Commission. Some of these allowances will come from the first day while others will start after a certain duration.

ESIC UDC Salary scale

Current ESIC UDC Salary scale was decided in accordance to the pay matric laid down by the 7th pay commission. Every selected candidate is liable to receive the basic pay, which is quite substantial amount, and multiple other allowances, as decided. In addition, there are perks and benefits associated as well which we will check out later.

  • Once a candidate clears the ESIC UDC exam, he/she will be receiving the payment as per the Level-4 of the Pay Matrix, as decided for Civilian employees.
  • The starting pay will be Rs.25,000 and the pay scale will be Rs.25,000-81,000.

ESIC UDC Allowance

Candidates who get selected for any post under the ESIC UDC becomes entitles to a number of allowances in addition to the basic pay. These include dearness allowance (DA), transport allowance (TA), house rent allowance (HRA), and some more, as decided by the pay commission. These allowances and their values are revised periodically.

Career Growth as RBI Assistants

  • RBI Assistants offer ample opportunity to progress up in career. It is a great opportunity for those who wish to get to the top of the administrative profile. The promotion happens through internal exam and an employee starting as an Assistant becomes eligible for the exam after having served for 2 years. On being successful in the internal exam he/she will be promoted to the post of RBI Officer and will receive hike in pay scale.
  • The first promotion after being appointed as the RBI Assistant is to the post of Assistant Manager, which is a Grade A officer position. This is the lowest rung in the hierarchy of posts available for officers Thereafter, the employee will be able to sit for further internal exams for promotion. The next level is to the Grade B Managerial post, and then to Grade C position as the Assistant General Manager. Likewise, the next three levels are Deputy General Manager, General Manager, and Deputy Governor, which are Grade D, Grade E, and Grade F position respectively.

Career Growth as ESIC UDC

ESIC UDC has remarkably better promotion options since the employee will have the option to be promoted to at least Assistant Director without having to appear for any further examination. These promotions happen based on seniority and availability of position. There is internal departmental exam as well which allows the employee to progress to the level of Deputy Director.

Once selected, every candidate will have the option of becoming an Assistant after working in the same department for consecutive 3 years. This promotion happens as per available vacancies and comes with a grade pay of Rs.4,200. Another 3 years as Assistant makes the employee eligible for the post of Social Security Officer that offers the starting grade pay of Rs.4,600.


So, in the end, I would like to say that, do the job whatever you want to do. All jobs are good and have good perks and benefits and all. It’s Up to you what you will prefer for your career.

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