Involved in a Car Collision? 6 Mistakes That You Must Avoid!

Car crashes can be brutal, and we might not be well prepared to take the correct decision at that time too. There are a lot of mixed thoughts and emotions that are running through your mind, and at that moment, you might probably be thinking about recovering from your injuries. 

However, it is not as easy as it sounds. Your houston car accident attorney will guide you on what is to be done at every step, right from filing a police statement until the time you get the complete compensation for your damage. 

Some blunders that you must avoid at all costs after a car crash.

1. Not informing the police

This is one of the prevalent mistakes people tend to make when involved in a car crash. They do not call the police and take the situation under their control. Not informing the police officer can lead to several worse conditions. Still, the two most highly possible states can be that you may be proved wrong (even when you are not), and a police report won’t be made, which will affect your insurance claim.

2. Not calling your lawyer

This mistake is very similar to the previous point. Not informing your lawyer can take a toll on you. After your accident, you would be in the hospital recovering, and you would be expecting someone to negotiate with the insurance company and the police. So there is no one best suited for this job than a well-experienced car accident attorney.

3. Leaving the accident scene

The Houston hit and run law state it very clear that no party is allowed to leave the location of the crash irrespective of whose fault it is. You may park your car to the aisle of the road, but you and the involved parties are not allowed to leave the scene. If you leave the crash scene, it will be considered a crime.

4. Confessing your mistake

When the accident occurs, and you think that in the crash happening, you were also partly involved in it, you must never apologize and confess anything. If there are any confessions to be made, you will be making it in front of your attorney. You might end up saying something that might make you the culprit and the reason for the accident.

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5. Not taking evidence

While you may be in shock and rage after the crash, you must keep your cool and start documenting the entire crash scene. You can click pictures or record a video of the crash. This will be beneficial for the police report and will act as evidence for your case and insurance claim.

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6. Settling for the first offer

The insurance companies are in for the business of making money, and they are outstanding when it comes to negotiation. Suppose you do not have a lawyer in the first place. In that case, it is a very high possibility that you might get manipulated by the insurance company and settle for a significantly less amount. 

One important aspect to remember in a car crash is being calm. You must not get into a rage and take the matter under your control because we are not the ones to take any action. You must remember the steps mentioned above and take appropriate action after consulting your car accident attorney.

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