How to take care of your floors and carpets?

Installing a new floor or carpet in your home comes with a responsibility as it is a huge investment that an individual makes. If you keep the carpets and flooring maintained then you can get the most out of it. You can improve the life of the flooring and could end up saving your money by reducing the chances of flooring replacement. Check out these tips and tricks from the experts at top-rated Dallas Flooring companies on how to care of your floors and carpets.

How to take care of carpets?

Carpets require huge maintenance and that is the reason why many people leave carpet installation even though they like it the most. To keep the beauty of the carpet, you need to keep it well maintained. Here are some tips to do this:

Vacuum every week

It is recommended you vacuum the carpets at least once a week because dirt and debris get accumulated into them. You might need to vacuum more frequently if the foot traffic is higher at the place. Also, make sure you use the vacuum in the right manner that does not damage the ends of the fibers and also keep efficient airflow to collect dirt particles.

Clean up the pet stains fast

If your pet has urinated on the carpet the take the action as soon as possible because urine can damage fibers and can also change the color of the carpet. First, you should try to soak up the urine with a white paper towel. Try to soak up as much as possible and to do it, you need to press hard. Then you should add lukewarm water into the dishwashing liquid.

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Then blot that area with the dry paper towel, if you use the wet and dry procedure then it will soak up the urine to an extent and then end up the process by rinsing it into clean water using a soft detergent. Apply one-part white vinegar mixed in two parts of water and blot the carpet last time.

Don’t place furniture on carpet with sharp edges

If you have placed furniture on the top of the carpet then make sure there are no sharp edges touching to carpet to save the fabric of the carpet. This will keep the carpets protected especially when it is delicate. Therefore, you need to be very careful when placing any furniture on it.

Keep away from sunlight

If the carpets are exposed to the sunlight for a longer duration then it will cause damage to the carpet. If you want your carpet to stay last longer and want to preserve the brightness and color of it then make sure it is not in prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Take off the shoes at the entrance

You should take off the shoes at the door so that any dirt which is trapped in the soles of the shoes should not go into the carpet fibers. Shoes will be will abrasive and they tend to break down the surface of the carpet so make sure you take these off before putting your feet onto the carpet.

Floorcare tips:

Even though what kind of flooring is present at your home, if you provide proper maintenance to it then it will extend its life it.

Less cleaning products more frequency

There is always a misconception among people that the more cleaning products they will use, the better results they will get. But this is not right. Depending on the flooring type present at your home, you need to sweep on daily basis. Using a clean damp mop regularly is a great idea. Don’t overwet your floor or use harsh chemicals if you want to make it longer lasting and don’t want to damage the shiny finish of your floor.

Clean spills immediately

If there is any spill, try to wipe it off immediately. Use the right mop like if it is hardwood flooring then you should not use a wet mop to clean spills because wood tends to swell or shrink.

Use furniture pads when moving furniture items

Scratches are one of the most common problems on the flooring therefore when there is a need to move the furniture items you should use the pads so that the surfaces do not collide with each other and there will not be any scratches or damage to the floor. Usually, at home, we are in need to move ideas, so make sure you don’t move these directly and use pads to keep your floor protected and safe.

Manufacture guidelines

You should check the guidelines of manufacturer to ensure that you use only the products that are recommended by them. Not all the floors are the same therefore their needs are also different.

Additional tips: 

  • Maintain the right temperature so that the flooring can be kept safe for a longer duration.
  • If you don’t want to make your floor look dull then make sure you don’t steam clean. Whether if the flooring is tiles, linoleum or vinyl then steam flooring is good.
  • Use rugs or soft doormats.

Bottom line:

A lovely rug or flooring is capable of bringing all attention to it. It becomes the focal point of any space where it is installed. It leaves a mundane into a spectacular room just within a few minutes. The above guide is perfect to maintain carpets and flooring and will increase the life of them both. If you use these methods then in the future you will get great results in return as it will reduce the risk of replacement of flooring.

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