How to learn a language using movies

The emerging trend of globalization has encouraged the world to adopt a single culture. This way of life would be a mix of all current lifestyles. In addition, contributory factors like global trade and easier traveling have encouraged people to invest their time in learning a new language.

Whether this language is for business purposes or simply showing off a unique skill, knowledge of foreign languages is now considered a highly posh trait. It shines on your CV. There are countless resources for learning languages, but many polyglots swear by the reliability of watching movies.

Movies are highly accessible today, and it is easy to ดูหนัง today with the click of a button. Here’s how movies aid in language learning.

Understanding your plot

The main aim while using a movie to learn a language is to have one with a simple plot that’s easy to understand despite your lack of grasp of the language. The best movies to start with are our children’s movies as the language used in those is straightforward. Read More About: 0x00x0

However, a close second contender is rom-com movies. They are much easier to understand, and a cheesier, cliche plot helps you stay entertained while not leaving much of the understanding to speculation.

Break up into chunks

As the old saying goes, do not bite off more than you can chew. The goal behind watching the movie is not sheer entertainment, but it’s educational. This is going to require a lot more focusing than intended.

It’s recommended to split the movie into 3-4 chunks. This way, you will be able to absorb maximum vocabulary from it. Watching the movie more than once is also beneficial.

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Take notes

Taking notes is crucial when learning a language through any method, for that matter. However, while watching a movie, you are essentially focusing on listening, and certain words may sound different to you.

Movies also expose you to slang language and a more casual tone than absolute formal, which is helpful if the language you are learning is conversational.

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Use subtitles

Subtitles are like a baby’s walker when learning a language. Subtitles allow you to focus more on the listening aspect and help you recognize recurring words with their translations in front of you.

There are specific streaming sites with dual language subtitles under learning mode. This way, the viewer can get subtitles in both the language they’re learning and their native. This also helps improve reading speed and coherency.

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