People quit alcohol for various reasons as alcoholism ruins lives. Therefore, when you are making an effort to sober, your friends and family should encourage your decision. But, people who used to be heavy drinkers find it hard to have fun at parties without a drink. They need a bit of time to find fun things to do that do not involve drinking. If you consciously want to stay away from alcohol, consider reading this article to find helpful tips.

Fake It: You prefer not to drink at a party at times. But you find yourself under tremendous peer pressure. Everyone wants you to drink; they don’t respect your choice. Now, you can be a buzzkill and ruin everyone’s fun by giving a lengthy speech on the perils of alcoholism. However, you can take a cup and fill it with water instead. No one will know the difference if you can act a little. Every once in a while take a sip and you are covered.

Get To Know People: Often, one is too drunk to have a decent conversation at a party. But, if you stay sober, you will find there are so many people around you at a party that you can talk to. Not being mindlessly drunk provides one with the opportunity to get to know people better. Furthermore, people are hilarious when they are drunk. So, you can observe the drunk people make fools out of themselves.

Throw A Weed Party: You are staying away from booze, but nobody said anything about weed. Of course, you can throw a fabulous marijuana party and invite your friends to come over. You don’t want too many people in your house for a weed party. The vibe of a weed party is quite different from that of a booze party. At a regular party, people get drunk often, and they puke all over the house. However, smoking marijuana will help everyone calm down. Here are ways to create a vibe for the weed party.

  • Get comfortable pillows and blankets and throw them on the floor. It allows everyone to sit on the floor and enjoy the chilled music.
  • Speaking of music, select a Spotify playlist inspired to create the mood for smoking a blunt. Various artists made music that can be enjoyed while sharing a blunt.
  • Light up scented candles that will help eliminate the weed smell. The candlelights will also help create a cozy atmosphere.

Be sure to purchase the weed from an authorized source. Look for a certified cbd store in Phoenix and check out their pre-rolls collection. Different types of strains are available in the online store. Be sure to research well before placing the order. You may also purchase CBD gummies available online. The marijuana-infused gummies look like real gummies but provide one with an instant high.

Since most US states have legalized the recreational usage of marijuana, there is no need to depend on alcohol for fun. Many people have now switched from alcohol to weed, knowing the health benefits of smoking the herb.

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