How can Ottawa Family Lawyers Help You in Child Custody and Access?

A family lawyer can help you protect your access rights if your former spouse is trying to limit your time with your child. For example, a family lawyer can help you set up a restriction order that makes sure the children spend at least two weeks of every month with you or helps enforce an existing court order protecting your times together. You may also want to ensure that one parent does not have sole custody of the children and is not able to take them out of the province without letting someone know where they are going.

A family lawyer can also advise following Family Law Ottawa on how best to handle certain situations, such as when a child refuses contact with their other parent. This can be a difficult situation for the parents involved, and it may help you have a family lawyer who has experience working with these kinds of issues. Having the right legal help can be very important if you are fighting to preserve your relationship with your children.

Here is how can a family lawyer help you in child custody matters.

  • Drafting and negotiating parenting plans

When parents separate and share custody of their children, they typically enter into a parenting plan with their ex. This can be in the form of a court order or an agreement between parents. The court will accept a parenting plan if it is fair to both parents, as long as both parents have agreed to it. Even if you do not have a formal parenting plan, you may still be able to go back to court and ask for one.

  • Travel consent forms

When you travel with your children, you may need to get permission from the other parent. This could involve a court order or an agreement between the parents. In some cases, one parent may be able to obtain consent by making a written request to the other parent. If this fails, there are ways that one parent can get their children on a regular basis.

  • Mediation

If the two of you cannot come to an agreement about custody and access, you may want the help of a family lawyer. A family law mediator is someone who will help you to compromise and reach an agreement that both parents can live with. Mediation can help reduce the stress in your relationship and allow both sides to understand each other better.

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