How can a Dog Bite Lawyer Help You After a Dog Bite in Los Angeles?

If you’ve suffered from a dog bite, you’re probably going to want to see a doctor. It’s important that you check yourself for any potential wounds and document whether the injuries were from a dog or another animal. If it was caused by your neighbor’s pet, a Los Angeles dog bite attorney may be able to help you identify the owner so that you can file a personal injury lawsuit.

Dogs are our companions, friends, and family members. But this instinctual canine possessiveness can sometimes lead to unintentional dog bites. The law is on the side of victims of dog bites, but you may have to navigate the confusing maze of having an attorney represent your best interests in court. A skilled Los Angeles dog bite lawyer will understand how to deal with many aspects of your case and ensure that you get all the damages you deserve from your former pet’s owner.

Why Do You Need an Attorney After Being Injured by a Dog?

In Los Angeles, it is illegal to breed, possess or purchase a dog that has been determined to be “dangerous” by the local government. Being bitten by such a dog is covered under California’s Civil Code Section 3342. This can be tricky because it means you could be held responsible for any injuries you suffered after being attacked by the family pet of a neighbor.

Dangerous dogs don’t just attack strangers; they also bite their owners. The owner of a dangerous dog may face penalties, including jail time and fines up to $10,000 if convicted of owning such an animal without adequate control provisions.

Dog bites can cause a lot of damage when they’re caused by a family pet. If you were attacked in Los Angeles, you may need to see a doctor after the injury and document it to be sure you have proper proof of your claim. It’s also important to seek compensation for pain and suffering, which is something the Los Angeles dog bite lawyer can help with.

You could also ask for compensation for medical bills and other out-of-pocket expenses caused by your injuries after being bitten by a dog in Los Angeles. This type of claim is handled differently than a wrongful death tort claim, which is complicated enough without having to deal with animal bite litigation.

In this situation, your Los Angeles dog bite lawyer will file a suit against the owner of the dog who was responsible for the attack and either settled or won in court. It’s important to ensure you have a dog bite attorney who can effectively handle your case while you focus on recovering from your injuries.

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