Hat for women -beautiful, elegant, and charming female accessory

The hat, a beautiful accessory used at all times, is indispensable nowadays since its use provides excellent skin protection, besides adding an extra flavor of style and fashion.

However, it would help if you were very careful when wearing it, as the hat will convey a sense of humor, formality, or caricature. Whoever uses it needs to know how to do it. You have to be stylish, creative, and feel good, as this is a different accessory.

  • It is always good to bet on simplicity

These are casual accessories, especially for the summer. There is no rule for your colors; each person can use whatever they think is best. Just be careful when matching the accessory with the outfit. It is worth remembering that the hat will be the highlight; the rest has to be neutral. Those afraid to innovate can use a neutral color model and colorful clothes. Women should wear smaller earrings or even go without earrings or necklaces, as it is the essential accessory.

  • Cowboy or western hat

The cowboy hat has a high, slightly elongated crown and large brims usually turned up on the sides. It can be made of felt, leather, or straw. It is suitable for those who like the cowboy style. If the intention is not to go to a rodeo or a costume party, you should avoid wearing it with cowboy boots, a plaid shirt, or any other accessory that reminds you of the rodeo world.

  • Urban or fedora hat

The urban or womens fedora hat has medium brims, and the crown has a more elongated shape and a depression at the top. The model was marked as the hat of the mobsters, thanks to the costumes of American cinema. Usually, it is of straw and felt material.

The type of clothing and the texture of the hat’s material should match. Please pay attention to the height since the shorter the person; the smaller should be the brim so that the person does not look even smaller. Taller women can and should fearlessly choose models with larger brims. Braids and loose hair are hairstyles that accept this type of hat well.

  • Bowler Hat

The bowler hat is made of felt material. It has a round cup, round brims, short, and curved upwards. It is a typically male model. Nevertheless, women can wear it without fear or restrictions. The best way to use it is by leaning over the forehead touching the right eyebrow, and with the hair up.

  • Traditional hat

It is a super classic model, with a round cup and high as a cylinder, and rounded brims. Although strictly male, there is always room for feminine daring. A woman must wear the top hat at an angle touching the eyebrow.

  • Cloche for women

In French, the term cloche means bell, and this is precisely the shape of the typically feminine model, which was a hallmark of fashion in 1920. Its outstanding feature is the cup fitted to the head with round and short brims. Cloches are usually made of felt. They are suitable for cold days because they warm your head. The felt cloche looks great with short hair.

  • Panama felt hat

Famous as a symbol of South America and the Caribbean, this model originates from Ecuador. It usually has wide, round brims and a round cup with a depression at the top and two valleys on the sides. It is suitable for hot days with the scorching sun because it protects the face and neck without leaving the head stuffy.

  • Panama straw hat

The Panama straw hat has a very round, lower crown and has no depressions. You can embellish it with a sash and bow for a more feminine style. When you wear this hat, make sure you tilt it to one side, covering part of the forehead.

  • Floppy hat

Floppy hats are generally those with large curved brims. They have pretty large or small and discreet flap variations. They can be of malleable fabrics or also straw. With scarves around the cup, asymmetrical shapes, and neutral or vibrant colors, these hats match from simple bikinis and bathing suits to jumpsuits, short and long dresses, jeans, gowns, and tunics. They are the ones that best demonstrate sophistication in women who wear them by the sea.

In the end

To choose a suitable model, it is necessary to observe the size of the face and the person’s height. It has to be proportional. If the woman is very tall and has a big face, she needs to have a bigger hat. The hat softens the shape of the face. A more angular face should wear a hat with more rounded shapes to soften it. A rounder face should use models with more geometric shapes to counterbalance the roundness of the face.      

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