Guide to choosing the best grill for your kitchen

Moving alone is a very exciting experience, and if you are thinking of doing so, or are already in the process of having your own home, congratulations! But, just as we know that this moment is very rewarding, we also know that there are many questions that come to mind, especially when having to buy appliances and give them the necessary care.

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That is why at Avera we want to help you, not only by offering you quality products at the best price for your new home, but also by giving you all the information you need to choose your appliances wisely and take care of them correctly so that they reach their greatest potential and last a lifetime. its useful life.

Today it is the turn of the grills, the most important element in the kitchen and, of course, one of the most important in the house. In this guide we will tell you how to choose the type of grill that best suits your needs, the differences between the different types that you can find on the market and much more. Let’s learn everything you need to buy your first grill.

Why buy a kitchen grill?

The cooktop is one of the big appliances that should always be considered and included in the budget when moving to a new house or remodeling the kitchen. The grills are an alternative to the stoves of a lifetime, but, unlike these, they do not have the oven included. That is to say, it is a plate with burners, which in its most popular presentations can be 2, 4 or 6 burners, although there are also 3 and 5.

Another important difference between grills and stoves that you have surely noticed is that there are not only gas models, but you can find very modern electric options such as induction or glass-ceramic grills. If you still do not know very well how these plates work, do not worry, we will go into this point later.

When choosing a grill, different factors must be taken into account in addition to selecting parhaat kaasugrillit or electric; We must think that this device must be comfortable to use and have the number of burners necessary to meet our needs, in addition to being made of excellent quality materials so that it can withstand constant use, bearing in mind that you will use your grill a minimum of 2 to 3 times per day.

Grill or stove, which one to choose?

Let’s start by asking ourselves what type of kitchen is best for us, a grill or a stove? Choosing a grill has many advantages, one of the main ones being its price. But, in addition, a built-in grill will be the perfect option if you plan to have a full kitchen. Not to mention that you can opt for advanced technology electric models to have more safety when cooking.

The grills allow you to have more control over space and the number of burners, since, not being limited by the size of the oven, they can be 1 or 2 burners to adapt to small spaces, or 5 or 6 to have more places to prepare your favorite recipes. Also, if at any time you want to change the model you have for one with more or fewer burners, it will be much easier.  

For its part, buying a stove will be convenient if there is no space in your new home to embed the grill since these can be placed practically anywhere. The fact of having the integrated oven also plays an important role in this same aspect, if you do not have the possibility of embedding an oven, it may be a better option to consider buying a stove.

Gas or electric grill?

The second aspect to consider will determine your options and it will be easier to choose a model depending on this, and that is the question of whether you prefer to choose a gas grill or an electric one. Each one has its advantages and remarkable characteristics, which we will now know.

Advantages of gas grills

  • In most of the country, gas is cheaper than electricity, and although in normal terms the difference is not much, those who cook for large family groups will be able to see savings by using gas instead of electricity.
  • These allow preparations that necessarily require the use of the flame, such as flambéing or roasting vegetables directly on the fire; For this reason, gas grills are preferred by cooking lovers.
  • It is possible to cook with pots and vessels made of any material, such as clay or iron.
  • They can be used with natural gas or lp gas installations. In addition to being friendly to the environment.
  • Modern gas grills are easy to light because they include an electronic ignition system.

Advantages of electric grills

  • Thanks to technological advances, you can find different types of electric stoves with very interesting features.
  • Modern electric ranges use less electricity than older models.
  • They are safer as there is no risk of leaks, and induction models completely reduce the risk of burns.
  • They are easy to install and a perfect option if you don’t have natural gas.
  • Food cooks faster as there is a higher percentage of heat transfer.

 In our catalog, you will find the best gas and induction grills so you can equip your kitchen with top-quality appliances.

The portable grills

If you’re short on space in your new home, or if you just use the kitchen for very basic things, a good alternative is to choose a single-burner portable grill. These are extremely easy to install since you only have to connect them and place them on the countertop or anywhere you have available.

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