Grand Junction car accident: Contact a PI lawyer now!

An unfortunate on-road vehicle mishap in Grand Junction can cause unprecedented damage. If you have suffered injuries in a car accident where you believe that the other party acted carelessly, you could ask for compensation. Before you take further steps, it is important to know and understand your legal rights and options. Talking to a Grand Junction car accident attorney can help you evaluate your case better. In this post, let’s discuss some circumstances when hiring a lawyer is truly necessary. 

Your injuries are severe/catastrophic/debilitating

If the accident was a minor fender bender and you suffered minor injuries, you can possibly file an insurance claim and expect to get a decent settlement. However, when your injuries are severe, or if you are unlikely to return back to your job because of accident-related injuries, you should lawyer up. A good attorney can help evaluate the worth of your claim, and in such a situation, your settlement should cover all your present and future treatment costs and lost wages. 

You were partly to blame

Comparative fault in Colorado is different when compared to states like California that follow the pure comparative fault rule. In this state, you can only sue the other driver for their negligence if your fault share is less than theirs. For instance, no matter what losses you have endured in the accident, if your fault share is 51%, you cannot file a lawsuit against the driver with 49% fault. Insurance companies rely on this modified comparative fault rule like the court, and therefore, you should engage an attorney to negotiate a fair settlement. 

You need help with the case

Just saying that the other party was responsible for the accident is not enough. You must prove the same as the claimant. If you are grappling with injuries, hiring an attorney is a good idea because they can help deal with the paperwork and investigation of the accident. As needed, they will look for evidence, talk to witnesses, and even consider consulting with experts to know the case better. Insurance companies are not going to take it easy, and it makes sense to have a legal team in place. 

Thankfully, most PI lawyers in Grand Junction work on a contingency fee, and therefore, you don’t have to worry about financial aspects right away. However, contact a lawyer soon because you have a small window to file a lawsuit and must take action immediately.

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