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What is the need for The Online Career Counselling in India?

There are incidents in the professional lives of almost all individuals where they need Online Career Counselling in India to enhance their careers. They might seek career guidance under different situations or circumstances such as re-entering the workforce, choosing a field of expertise, looking out for substantial financial growth or promotion, deciding if they should choose the course of their careers into a new field, and in the case of lay-offs

Regardless of the reason, Career Guidance For Working Professionals helps in making informed decisions when it comes to each one’s career. It can be defined as a comprehensive program that is designed and developed to help professionals with educational and occupational decisions. It helps them acquire the required skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to identify possible career options and finally restrict them to find the right career choice that suits their interest. 

The best Online Career Counselling in India holds extreme importance as it results in professionals’ social, financial, professional and emotional well-being. Career queries might be common in this age. So, it is essential for institutions to set up Career Guidance For Working Professionals in all the stages of careers.

Career guidance for fresh graduates:

If individuals are fresh graduates or entry-level professionals, the responsibility of making a career choice may be overloaded. It can also be challenging to assess their skills and map them with available career options by keeping interest areas in mind. So, it is important to take professional career guidance.

Steps for identifying the right career choice:

Choosing the functional preference or industry:

Initially, it is recommended to identify the broad areas that the individuals want to explore. It can be an industry (pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, e-commerce etc.) or a functional preference (business analytics, marketing, software engineering and research). Once the field of interest is identified, skill sets that are preferred by employers under each one’s domain of interest and the nature of work can be started to explore. 

Restrict down by career path:

Each one’s chosen field of interest can have multiple career paths. For example, social media marketing, digital marketing, branding, content marketing, and many other career paths. All possible paths in the chosen domains can be listed. Now, the existing skillsets with the skills required for each of these career paths can be listed. Few viable career paths can be listed down and narrowed which skills are needed to obtain one of these career paths.

Discover jobs and occupations:

Once there are few options of career paths to pursue, the individuals can start looking for available opportunities and roles in those areas. When all the given above steps are followed, a few choices that can be narrowed down to be pursued. If anyone feels that they cannot go ahead with this process on their own, they can get the best Online Career Counselling in India who can help in choosing the dream job.

Career guidance for job search:

Candidates come across many hurdles while searching for the perfect job. Career guidance counsellors assist professionals to identify the right jobs on different platforms. They also help them in creating new resumes and preparing for possible interview questions that enhance the first impression and chances of employment of the candidate. They will help the candidates on how to build a professional network for a successful career and professional life throughout. They will also help in teaching salary negotiation skills.

Mid-career guidance:

Mid-career guidance involves getting help with dealing with workplace issues, advancing the career for growth, and career change into a new domain. The guidance counsellor deals with negotiations during appraisals, ways to get a promotion, managing job stress, issues at the workplace, and transitioning to a new domain.

Here are some of the sample questions that a career guide might ask to understand individuals and their needs better. 

  • How was your experience in your previous job? What are your likes? What are your dislikes?
  • What are your relevant skills and experience developed over the years?
  • How do you overcome stress?
  • What has been your least favourite and favourite environment?
  • What sort of unexpected events have influenced your past decisions?
  • How comfortable are you in facing challenges? What sort of risks have you taken in the past?
  • Do you feel pressured by the given deadlines?

Career guidance in the case of layoffsJob loss is a destructive experience and affects a professional emotionally as well as financially. It takes charge of your professional identity as well. So, the best Career Guidance For Working Professionals plays an essential role in assisting them to come out of this terrific experience and secure a job as rapidly as possible. The main impact of this job loss is loss of income and hence getting professional guidance will assist in speeding up the process of finding a new job without compromising on profile, pay, or other factors.

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